Royal Profile: Princess Hilda of Nassau, Grand Duchess of Baden

Hilda of Nassau was born on November 5, 1864, the fifth child and fourth daughter of Grand Duke Adolphe of Luxembourg and Princess Adelheid-Marie of Anhalt-Dessau.

Hilda married Frederick II, Grand Duke of Baden on September 20, 1885 at Schloss Hohenburg. The marriage, however, was not gifted  by any surviving children. In 1917, Frederick succeeded as Grand 
Duke of Baden and Hilda became his Grand Duchess.

Hilda was hailed as an intelligent lady and was known as a staunch patron of art, frequenting art-exhibitions and museums. In fact, many streets and schools in Nassau bore her name, such as  Hilda-Gymnasium in Pforzheim, Hilda-Gymnasium in Koblenz, and the streets north- and south Hilda Promenade in Karlsruhe.

In 1918, after the German Empire’s defeat in World War I, Frederick and Hilda were deposed, as what was the fate of other German monarchies.  In 1919, the couple transferred their residence to Mainau. Despite the reversal of fortune, Hilda still managed to show off sunny disposition, with her cheerful character and sense of humor enabled her to ease things up. After her husband’s health weakened, she took take care of him until his passing.

Since they were childless, their castle in Mainau was passed on to Fredrick's only sister's grandson, Count Lennart Bernadotte, who incidentally was also a great-grandson of Hilda's aunt.  Hilda died on February 8, 1952. 


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