The Queen spotted driving her own Jaguar

Prince Philip may have announced his retirement, but Queen Elizabeth II is not taking the backseat!

A few days after news that Prince Philip will cease to perform royal duties, Queen Elizabeth II was photographed driving her green Jaguar as she heads home following a Sunday morning service at the Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor Park. His security guard, meanwhile, comfortably seats as Her Majesty takes the wheel.

Her Majesty is known as a car enthusiast and is frequently seen driving herself around Sandringham estate or to the church near the Royal Lodge on the Windsor estate. She learned how to drive while training as a mechanic in the Women’ s Auxillary Territorial Service during World War II.

The Queen is the only person in Great Britain not to have a driver's license because Her Majesty is above the law.

A teenage Princess Elizabeth trains in the Auxiliary Territorial Service in 1945. This is where she learned how to drive. Image: Wikimedia.


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