While nobody in the Royal Family “wants to be King or Queen,” Prince Harry works hard “for the greater good of the people”

Prince Harry together with a former Royal Marine and Invictus Game competitor John-James Chalmers during the 2016 Invictus Games Symposium on Invisible Wounds in Orlando, Florida. Image: US Air Force

It's actually a tough act to become the King and surely, anyone who succeeds the Queen someone will have big shoes to fill! In fact, even Prince Harry agreed that no one in the Royal Family wants to become king or queen. However, that does not deter Prince Harry from doing best for the benefit of the many.

In an exclusive interview with Newsweek, while Prince Harry was quoted as saying no one in the Royal Family “wants to be king or queen,” he nevertheless emphasized that that he and his brother Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are all working together to modernize the British monarchy.

Describing how he tries hard to maintain normality by doing his own supermarket shopping, he admitted making the Royal family accessible is a “tricky balancing act”, saying: “We don’t want to dilute the magic. The British public and the whole world need institutions like it.”
The amount of charity work he, William and Kate will do—which has been a huge part of the queen’s public persona—will be more focused.

As of 2016, Queen Elizabeth II has maintained an active calendar of activities, supporting over 600 charities. The British Royal Family all in all supports 3,000 charities and other philanthropic causes. However, it is expected that this number will dwindle by the time William becomes king. However, a source close to Prince Harry explained that is not due to laziness. Instead, the royals only wanted to focus more on causes that they have thorough understanding.

“They want instead to concentrate on specific charities that they research thoroughly first and then get involved in on a regular basis. The one thing they don't want is to be seen as a group of celebrities.” Harry explained.

“We use our time wisely,” he says. “We don't want to turn up, shake hands but not get involved.”


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