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Meet the 10 Most Popular Royal Dogs in History

Queen Elizabeth II and her corgis. Image: IMGUR via Huffpost

There’s no doubt that royals are avid dog lovers. In fact, they’re beloved members of the Royal Family already. The recent death of the Queen’s last corgi reportedly saddened Her Majesty. Let’s check out some of the most prominent dogs of even more prominent royals in history. 

Mary, Queen of Scots and Her Maltese Terriers

From the time she was held prisoner until she was found guilty (and was sentenced to death) of attempting to overthrow her cousin Queen Elizabeth I, Mary turned to her dear pooches for comfort. One of them even hid under her skirt while she was on her way to the scaffold.

Queen Victoria and her Pomeranian Furbabies

The queen was one of the very first Pomeranian breeders, and at some point, she was raising 35 of them! Her favorite, Turi, was the one she requested to stay by her side on her deathbed. The pooch kept her company until she breathed her last.

King Edward VII and his Wire Fox Terrier, Caesar of Notts

 The dog had a collar that read, “I am Caesar. I belong to the King,” and it was alleged that the dog stunk so bad others weren’t so keen about getting near him. Edward and Caesar were inseparable that during the former’s funeral procession, the pooch was seen trailing behind the King’s coffin.

Alexander the Great and his Mighty Dog Peritas

Nobody can tell what the exact breed of Peritas was, but what seems to be certain is that the dog was one of Alexander’s most loyal companions. One interesting legend tells that the dog once defeated an elephant… and a lion, too!

Louis XIV’s Beloved Poodle

Though Louis was not the most humble man in history, the SUN KING found a friend in Filou, his favorite among his toy poodles. The founder of Versaille is often credited for popularizing such breed in the royal French court.

Catherine the Great and Zemira

 The Russian queen adores her Italian Greyhound so much that she requested for a portrait of her and Zemira to be made, and even had someone create a porcelain figurine of the pooch.

Dookie, the Corgi Who Started it all

 Queen Elizabeth II is famous for her pet Corgis. Well, that’s all thanks to Dookie, King George’s beloved furbaby. He stumbled upon the dog at a local kennel, and guess the king fell head over heels in love with the pooch that he brought it home! And, the rest, they say, is history.


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