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27 Inspirational Quotes from Queen Elizabeth I

The Armada Portrait by an unknown artist.
Queen Elizabeth I goes down in history as one of the greatest rulers, who provided England with  stability, giving way for the kingdom's rise as the mistress of the sea. Known for her short temper, the Queen nevertheless offers you some tidbits of wisdom that may help us become a little wiser.

1. Life is what you make it.

“Life is for living and working at. If you find anything or anybody a bore, the fault is in yourself.”

2. Resentments are poison.

“When we hang on to resentments, we poison ourselves. As compulsive overeaters, we cannot afford resentment, since it exacerbates our disease.”

3. On who to tell your secrets to…

“Do not tell secrets to those whose faith and silence you have not already tested.”

4. Nobody prepares for a queens death.

“I do not choose that my grave should be dug while I am still alive.”

5. A lion in heart…

“I may not be a lion, but I am a lion's cub, and I have a lion’s heart.”

6. Never be fooled…

“Those who appear the most sanctified are the worst.”

7.  Which should ultimately call the shots?

“It is monstrous that the feet should direct the head.”

8. If she had it her way…

“If I follow the inclination of my nature, it is this: beggar-woman and single, far rather than queen and married.”

9. On the company you keep…

“Where minds differ and opinions swerve there is scant a friend in that company.”

10. Depth comes with age.

“Eyes of youth have sharp sight but commonly not so deep as those of elder age.”

11. Honor me as a queen; love me as a woman.

“I do not want a husband who honours me as a queen, if he does not love me as a woman.”

12. Leave the barking to the dog.

“I don't keep a dog and bark myself.”

13. On who fights and wins wars…

“Men fight wars. Women win them.”

14. The power of one, thinking man…

“One man with a head on his shoulders is worth a dozen without.”

15. What makes a good tree?

“Words are leaves, the substance consists of deeds, which are the true fruits of a good tree.”

16. One’s journey only ends when he stops.

“They best pass over the world who trip over it quickly; for it is but a bog. If we stop, we sink.”

17. Who are the real monsters of the world?

“There is nothing in the world I hold in greater horror than to see a body moving against its head: and I shall be very careful not to ally myself with such a monster.”

18. A jest should remain as one.

“It is good to jest, but not to make a trade of jesting.”

19. Tough times bring out true friends.

“Prosperity provideth, but adversity proveth friends.”

20. On how you cannot fix and change the past…

“The past cannot be cured.”

21. Know when to keep that tongue shut.

“There is no marvel in a woman learning to speak, but there would be in teaching her to hold her tongue.”

22. Great deeds must never go to waste.

“Let the good service of well-deservers be never rewarded with loss. Let their thanks be such as may encourage more strivers for the like.”

23. On what makes someone absolutely fearless…

“A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing.”

24. One string at a time…

“Who seeketh two strings to one bow, they may shoot strong, but never straight.”

25. No better thing than a queen’s love!

“Be always faithful to me, as I always desire to keep you in peace; and if there have been wiser kings, none has ever loved you more than I have.”

26. Nothing lasts forever…

“All my possessions for a moment of time.”

27. Calling God for rescue…

“There is an Italian proverb which saith, From my enemy let me defend myself; but from a pretensed friend, good Lord deliver me.”


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