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Queen Elizabeth II's absence on Remembrance Sunday service "a huge blow"

 It is disappointing to know that Queen Elizabeth II has decided to skip Remembrance Sunday Service after spraining her back.

The Queen's spokesperson said it was the Queen's "firm intention" to attend the service, after previously backing out from previous engagements due to health concerns.  

The Queen's decision to cancel her appearance at the Cenotaph in London came "with great regret".

Commenting on this, BBC royal correspondent Johnny Dymond wrote: 

This is a blow. A blow to those gathered here on Whitehall on a grey November morning, a blow to the many who had hoped to see the Queen after a fortnight of rest, and without doubt a blow to the Queen herself - Remembrance Sunday is when she, who has devoted her life to service, pays her tribute to those who served.

It seems that for the 95-year-old sovereign, the trip from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace and standing in the cold to watch the ceremony seems just too much to bear.


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