Duke and Duchess of Cambridge fear for security

Royal couple on safety scare as security plan over Kensington Palace is to be made public.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed concern over the safety issue of their new residence, Kensington Palace, as news spread that a council is “giving public access to [its] security” plans, reports the Daily Mail.

Anyone can seek access on the plan, even if local authority requests that the document be kept secret.

“New security measures are being introduced at the palace,” continues the report, before the duke and duchess move to their new official residence late next year. The royal household will commence the work once planning permission is granted. Among the security facilities to be installed include dirty bomb air-lock double door, rising bollards and CCTV system to easily detect and prevent intruders.

Meanwhile, Bucking Palace issued a request to the council that they not wish the plan to be made available for the public.

“We would appreciate if the application could be treated as confidential and not be allowed to enter the public domain, owing to the nature of the works and their location,” wrote Roy Brown of the Bucking Palace property department.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are temporarily residing at the grounds of the former home of Prince Margaret and they are expected to move to Kensington Palace Apartment 1A late next year.

Individuals who wish to see details of the security plans have to seek an appointment with the officials of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council. They have to peruse passport or driver's license to see the document, although they are not allowed for re-copy.

Reference and Photo Source, The Daily Mail, retrieved Jan. 6, 2011.


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