King Juan Carlos Celebrates with Country During Pascua Militar

Military Easter a centuries-old tradition. 

King Juan Carlos, together with the rest of the Spanish Royal Family was one with the country during the celebration of the Pascua Militar (Military Easter in Easter), Jan. 6. The celebration will be presided over by Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia,accompanied by the Prince of Asturias.


The Military Easter has a deep tradition in the Spanish military life. Its celebration dates back to the reign of Carlos III, when, on January 6, 1782, the royal troops recovered the town of Mahon Menorca, which was in English hands. As an expression of joy, Carlos III ordered the viceroys, captains general, governors and military commanders on the feast of the Epiphany, bringing together the fittings and on his behalf to notify commanders and officers of the armies his congratulations.


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