The Love Notes of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Revealed

Scribbled messages in prayer book reveal intensity of the king's passion.


Henry VIII's love notes to future wife Anne Boleyn written on the margin of a prayer book is expected to be finally revealed in an upcoming BBC television series. The notes were said to be expressions of the lovesick king's attempt to woe his second wife.

The scribbled messages, which the king wrote in French, were impassioned and intense, showing his love to his future wife. His notes of love were expressed in Boleyn's book, Book of Hours. He wrote the scribbled message on the page depicting the “Man of Sorrows,” telling Boleyn, “If you remember my love in your prayers as strongly as I adore you, I shall hardly be forgotten, for I am yours. Henry R. forever.”

Enticed Anne replied under a picture of the Annunciation, showing Archangel Gabriel as he tells the Virgin Mary that she is bearing a son. Experts believed that Boleyn intended to place her message under that picture to imply that he will give the king a much-awaited heir.

“By daily proof you shall me find/To be to you loving and kind,” replied Boleyn in rhyming couplet.

The message dated circa 1528, two years after Henry VIII started to win her heart. Today, the manuscript is housed at the British Library.


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