Duchess of Cambridge joins the Scouts

Royal consort becomes patron to four more organizations.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is set to become a volunteer-helper at her local scout organization. This is in part of a new set of organizations that the Court announced the royal consort will serve as patron. The Scout Association revealed that the duchess will help on their day-to-day work and activities, including packing, running games, first aid teaching, cooking, and helping out at the campfire.

The duchess “loved the idea of Scouting and working hand-on with children,” said a spokesman at St. James's Palace during at interview with The Daily Mail. The duchess in fact felt the Scouts attached to her interests, particularly outdoor activities. Through her support, the duchess hopes to spread awareness of the shortage of adult volunteers.

The details of the duchess' volunteering were revealed by St. James' Palace Jan. 4, together with four other organizations that the duchess agreed to become patron, ranging from drug and alcohol addiction to arts and culture.

The organizations that the duchess chose to support are: Action on Addiction, East Anglia's Children Hospices, The Room, and the National Portrait Gallery. The duchess' choice reflected her interest in the arts, promotion of outdoor activities, and helping those in need, especially the children.

It is a tradition among members of the Royal Family to carry out royal patronages as part of their public works. After her husband, the duchess reveals her intention to share her time and attention to the causes that she felt are close to her.

Next month, the Duchess of Cambridge is set to make her first solo public appearance while the duke is to be sent on an assignment with the RAF to the Falklands.

Reference and Photo Source, The Daily Mail, retrieved Jan. 6, 2011.


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