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Queen Elizabeth reopens Cutty Sark

Queen Elizabeth II has officially reopened the Cutty Sark in Greenwich five years after it was ravaged by fire, reports BBC. The 94-foot vessel, decorated with gold leaf and ornately carved, harks back 200 years to when kings and queens travelled by water in opulent style. News from BBC.

Luxemburg Royals on State Visit to Germany

Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Theresa and Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxemburg went on a state visit to Germany, where they attended a round of official functions, including the opening of the Luxembourg silver treasury at the German Historical Museum. 

King Carl always busy as usual

Among the latest engagements of Sweden’s King Carl XVI John include a trip to Madrid where he, together with the queen, attend the 63rd World Baden-Powell Fellowship, from April 19-22, the opening of the environmental conference Stockholm+40 last April 23, and an audience with China’s prime minister, Wen Jiabao at the Royal Palace last April 24. 

The 500k pound earring

This pair of unique, oversized pearl earrings, which kept hidden inside a drawer could fetch 500,000 pounds. These earrings were gifted by King Carol of Rumania to his mistress Elena Lupescu, who in turn left it to her friend after in Wiltshire, England after her death in 1977. They eventually passed to her nephew and his wife, until they had it valuated by an auctioneer lately, who said that the earrings were the “finest in existence.” More about the news at Daily Mail.

Queen Sofia attends 'Encuadernaciones en las Bibliotecas Reales' Exhibition in Madrid

Queen Sofia attends Encuadernaciones en las Bibliotecas Reales Exhibition held at Royal Palace in Madrid last April 24. Images courtesy of Getty Images.

The Great Exhibition Highlights Queen Victoria's Reign

The Great Exhibition of 1851, and the success that followed it afterwards, was primarily the product of Prince Albert’s ingenuity, rather than that of Queen Victoria’s. After the old Houses of Parliament was burned down and the ensuing problems that occurred while planning the new building, Prime Minister Robert Peel thought of a royal commission that would oversee the promotion of arts and sciences. This led to Prince Albert’s proposal to launch the Great Exhibition.
Prince Albert Thinks of Holding the Exhibition
Without consulting anyone, Albert planned the Great Exhibition with the greatest care. There have been exhibitions around the world before but he wanted to stage the grandest of them all and make it the crowning glory of the vastness and the technological advances of the British Empire. He also envisioned it to be a showcase of every country’s product – raw materials, machinery, manufacturing and mechanical invention in applied and plastic arts.
Since his childhood, Prince Albe…

Prince Harry to be Honored in D.C.

Prince Harry will be honored by the Atlantic Council with the Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership in recognition of the work that his and brother William’s charitable foundation has done to help rehabilitate wounded service members and integrate them back into civilian life at a dinner on May 7, reports Washington Post.

British Monarchy Slipping in Popularity

Low-Key Anniversary for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Contrary to their televised wedding watched by over two billion people, the duke and duchess of Cambridge decides to spend their first wedding anniversary this April 29 as a low-key and private affair. After a busy week, the couple has decided to spend their anniversary in a quiet break, confirms spokesman from St. James’ Palace.

Spain’s Royal Family in Crisis

Spain's Royal Family is in the middle of its worst crisis in years following a series of scandals, including the revelation that King Juan Carlos went on an extravagant trip to Africa despite the recession. Many people in Spain are now asking tough questions about the role of the monarchy. For full story, visit Spiegel.

Princess Isabella Turns 5: Dons Country Look for Photoshoot

The adorable royal sports a country look with a jumper featuring a print of an owl, jeans and some fashion-forward fur-trimmed boots.More photos at Hello Magazine.

Queen Elizabeth II is a Shining Example

Through the years, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been tireless in her pursuit for public service, no matter how hard or challenging times have been for her, her government, and her family. This, she reaffirmed a few months ago before Parliament after talking about “rededicating” herself to the service of her country “now and in the years to come.” She was renewing her commitment to her duties at a time of life when most of her subjects have long been enjoying the fruits of their retirement, reports The Telegraph.

Princess Katarina and Her Nine Lives

You think cats have only nine lives? Think again. The Daily Mail writes about Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia’s close-to-death experience that she says has dramatically changed her life forever. A survivor, indeed, Katarina sliced her wrist using a broken cup, severing her artery and losing so much blood quickly. This happened after a devastating divorce last year. Her life was saved by art dealer Detmar Blow, who stemmed the blood loss while she was rushed to hospital. The princess eventually recovered and moved on, saying: “Every time I look at my horrible scar I realise all the good things in my life I have got — like my daughter, Victoria — and not the things that I haven’t got.”

Prince Harry Supports Runners in the 32nd London Marathon

Prince Harry calls the 32nd London Marathon a “fantastic occasion,” as spent time with the volunteers and presented the medals to the winners. The prince even joked that Kate and William should join next year. The event was joined in by celebrities, including Sophie Raworth, James Cracknell, and Nell McAndrew. Avid crowds donned extravagant outfits, ranging from Big Ben to ice hockey players. Visit Daily Mail Online for full story. 

Fashion Royalties: European Princesses at Their Best

Aside from getting dressed up by some of the world’s best designers, these royals also look up from one another for inspiration.

Festivities for Queen Elizabeth’s 86th Birthday

The entire Great Britain cheered amidst celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II’s 86th birthday. Not even a rainy day dampened the country in honoring the queen who celebrates her golden jubilee this year. While the queen spent the day in the Newbury Race Horses, a 62-gun salute was fired by Royal Gibraltar Regiment at the Tower of London, performed by the King’s Troop Royal Horses Artillery. The queen has two birthday, her actual date of birth this April and her “official” birthday in June marked by the Trooping the Colour. 

The Story of Princess Helena Victoria and Princess Marie Louise—Part I: Prelude to Two Great Lives

Queen Victoria desired a love story to last a lifetime, a happily ever-after marriage with the one and only king of his heart, Prince Albert. But it wasn’t meant to be, for at the tender age of 41, 20 years after they exchanged vows and tied their two hearts into one, typhoid struck the better of him, gripping his existence to death, in haste, shattering the queen to pieces and leaving her wearing mourning gown until her own passing. That gloomy December day was the coldest and bitterest in Victoria’s life. No other death that befell her family was more painful than the unbearable grief that struck her upon Dear Bertie’s passing.
Perhaps it was the pain of being alone, or worst, the sorrow of not letting go the ghost of the splendid past that was her married life, and bearing the loss of a partner that Queen Victoria clung on her daughters all the days of the rest of her life. In 1866, when her third daughter Princess Helena, met the impoverished Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein…

Queen Elizabeth II Turns 86

"I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all  belong."
The Queen made this vow at the tender age of 21 to an empire that stretched all over the world. Sixty-five years later, the Queen held on to her vow of doing her duties for the service of the people of Great Britain, for the upheaval of the dignity of the Crown that she held nearly 60 years from now, and for the propagation of British culture and tradition despite the changing times.
Today, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her eighty-sixth birthday. She was born Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary to the Duke and Duchess of York, who ascended to the British throne in 1936 as the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, later affectionately known as the Queen Mother. In 1952, she ascended to the throne and was crowned queen in 1953.
Her reign signaled the transition of Great Britain from being the world’s greate…

Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim

The Daily Mail writes about Chanel 4’s documentary about Queen Victoria’s crush on her Indian attendant, Abdul Karim , how the courtiers plotted to depose him, and how the nation’s upcoming Jubilee celebrations nearly ended in chaos. 

Fashion Goddesses: Kate Follows Queen Elizabeth’s Footsteps

Although 55 years and two generations apart, Catherine, duchess of Cambridge shares her husband’s grandmother’s sense of timeless fashion sense. From one-shoulder evening gown to summer outfit, the duchess looks on the queen for her inspiration. Report by theMirror.

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