Daily Mail: Royal experts attack author's outrageous claim that Queen was conceived artificially because Queen Mother 'didn't do sex'

A controversial author was tonight savaged by royal experts for claiming that the Queen was conceived through artificial insemination because the Queen Mother 'didn't do sex'.

The Queen Mother, then Duchess of York, holding her baby daughter,
who is now Queen Elizabeth II. A controversial new biography purports
to tell the 'untold story' of her life

 Lady Colin Campbell made a string of extraordinary comments at the launch of her new book The Queen Mother, The Untold Story of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon. She told a press conference in London that the monarch and her sister, Princess Margaret, were not born of natural conception because their mother 'preferred not to partake in certain aspects of marital life'.

Lady Collin Campbell
But fellow royal experts have been quick to challenge the assertion, branding the revelations 'lies' with 'not a thread of evidence' to support them. Reports from the Daily Mail.

Lady Collin Campbell’s book, whom critics labeled as a 
gossip masquerading as history. 


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  2. It is very easy to sell a book full of lies. Gossip consumers are the best liars, and obviously the majority of human beings.


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