King Juan Carlos had hip surgery

Adding to the series of unfortunate events that has befallen the Spanish Royal Family, Spain's King Juan Carlos, 74, underwent surgery after an accident while he reportedly hunted elephants in southern Africa. The Telegraph reports that he was operated on for four hours to replace his hip at a hospital in Madrid on Saturday morning, after suffering a triple fracture which the Royal Palace said was "linked to arthritis,” while on a hunting trip in Botswana.  

The King appeared with a shotgun at hand and the elephant which
he killed  earlier during his safari trip in Botswana.
The Daily Mail reports that the king has come under a barrage of criticism for taking the trip while his country faces financial crisis. The king had arrived in Africa on Monday and fell in his bedroom at a hunting lodge on yesterday. He was taken to Madrid last night on a 10-hour flight by private jet. Last week the king's 13-year-old grandson Felipe Juan Froilan was taken to hospital after accidentally shooting himself in the foot with a small 36 caliber shotgun while carrying out target practice at his home near Madrid. He is still recovering in the Quiron clinic in the Spanish capital.


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