Queen Elizabeth II is the Rainbow Queen

Why Her Majesty Loves Blue (And Hate Beige!)

Daily Mail reports that Queen Elizabeth II had worn blue on 29 percent of all the occasions she attended last year. This is three times more than any other color! What’s in the bottom of her list? Beige—with only one percent. Vogue magazine studied the outfit that the queen wore on every single occasion she’d been to in the past 12 months.

Vogue Magazine follows Queen Elizabeth's color preferences on her wardrobe.

Blue is the queen's all-time favorite.

The Queen in green on a visit to the 2012 Olympic site.

The queen blooms in this floral attire,
match by her equally flowery hat.

The Queen outside Downing Street

The Queen in blue, with the Duke of Edinburgh, receiving an honorary pint
at the Guinness Storehouse.

It's a blue get-up for a seemingly blue day.

The queen's love for blue is evident.

Queen Elizabeth II favored blue more than any
other color, according to a study by Vogue.

The Queen in purple. 

Her Majesty wears purple for this event.

Beige is the least among the Queen's color preferences.

Yellow is perennial favorite and has been featured often in
the Queen's wardrobes.

The Queen in red during a visit to Guilford Cathedral.


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