John Major: William and Kate reinvigorated monarchy

Former Prime Minister John Major admitted in an interview with CNN that the duke and duchess of Cambridge have done much to modernize the monarchy and reinvigorate its popularity.

The duke and duchess of Cambridge have done much to revitalize the public's
interest and support to the royal family. 
Major was once Prince William’s guardian after the late Princess of Wales’ death. He maintains close personal ties with the monarchy and was made a Knight of the Garter in 2005, the highest honor that the queen can bestow.

In an interview with CNN, Major notes: "People see that iconic figures -- whom they see only at a distance and they perhaps never meet -- have the same emotions, same feelings, the same cares, the same loves that they have in their own lives. I think the Royal Family has communicated that better in the last couple of decades than perhaps at any earlier time in our history and it has had an impact."

Speaking of the role of the duke Cambridge in modernizing the royal family, he said: "People are very happy with the way he has risen to the challenges he faced and I think even more than that, they see him as a very human individual and I think that is very important."

And as for Kate, Major was all-praises for the newly-minted duchess, saying: "I think that Catherine has been faultless so far and I think the whole world has seen that.”


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