Princess Charlene of Monaco reportedly depressed for failing to conceive an heir

Reports have surfaced that Princess Charlene of Monaco has fallen under depression after failing to conceive an heir a year after she married Prince Albert, the principality’s ruling prince.

Princess Charlene (right),  with Prince Albert (center) and Princess Stephanie (left),
is reportedly depressed over her difficulties of conceiving an heir. 

“She might have a smile on her face at official functions, but inside she is stressed and frustrated. This subject is weighing more and more heavily on her shoulders,” reports Voici magazine over the mounting pressure of mothering an heir to the throne. 

Although Prince Albert has three children already, they cannot inherit the throne because they were born out of wedlock.

It was reported that two days before their wedding, the princess tried to run away after learning that Prince Albert had fathered a third love child.

The princess has eventually aired her loneliness, saying “I only have two people I consider friends here.”


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