British Royal Family brings £26.4 billion to UK

The British Royal Family generates £26.4 billion for the UK government

Back off, antimonarchists. It seems that Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Family is more value for money for the British government more than anyone could ever imagine. In May 2012, Brand Finance, a financial consultancy that assesses the values of firms, brings in £26.4 billion to the United Kingdom, thanks to its tourism draw.

“The Monarchy is a powerful endorsement for individual and company brands and for the nation brand. We believe that it is making a significant contribution to the task of driving Britain out of recession,” said the company.

And although the Government is paying the Royal Family £461 million in Civil List and £195 million for their travels, their worth every penny they receive because they give in considerable revenues in lieu of tourists visiting the country to see The Queen, her jewels and palaces.

The report also shows that the Royal family’s contribution to tourism goes around £500 million every one— which Brand Finance converts into an “intangible asset in perpetuity” of more than £16 billion.


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