Queen Beatrix the costliest monarch in Europe but French president the costliest head of state

Queen Beatrix costs more money than any other monarch in Europe although she's way 

Queen Beatrix and the entire Dutch royal family are the most expensive royal family in Europe at a cost of £31 million a year paid for by the Dutch taxpayers. 

However, it was revealed that the most expensive head of state in all of Europe was not a king or queen but a president! Matthijs’ group had found out that it costs the French people more to finance their president than they would had they been a monarchy. The country’s head of state, Francois Hollande, costs £87.2 million annually, a sum thrice the cost of keeping the Dutch House of Orange.

The report was made by Herman Matthijs, professor of administrative science and public finances at Ghent University, who found out that the cost of British monarchy, known for its transparency when it comes to its finances had been cut by 16 per cent to £29.7 million last year compared to £35.5 million the past two years.

Meanwhile, Queen Beatrix raked £30.7 million, £14 million of which were spent on personal allowances. This is quadruple the amount that the Spanish royal family had received. Spain in fact is at heart of the Europe’s debt crisis.

Queen Beatrix has made it known that she has no plans on cost cutting, while the Spanish royals have already agreed on a 7 percent pay cut. 


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