King Juan Carlos turns 75

King Juan Carlos on his 75th birthday

Spain's King Juan Carlos has granted a once-in-a-blue moon interview on the eve of his 75th birthday. The king expressed his concerns regarding the financial crisis that afflicts millions of his subjects.

"One of the things that is most concerning and is in the mind of many Spaniards is the lack of jobs that leads millions of families to be unable to live with dignity and forces young people to leave Spain to look for work," the King said before the country's national TVE.

His Majesty also mentioned that the country's grave situation hurts him a lot.

It would be remembered that 2012 was an 'annus horribilis' for the King and the entire Spanish Royal Family.

Last April, the King sought public apology after his hunting expedition in Africa became widely publicized and criticized following an accident. The King was also besotted by scandal after his son-in-law came on fire due to alleged corrupt practices.

Nevertheless, the King "would like to be remembered as the king who has united Spaniards, that with him democracy and the monarchy have been recovered."


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