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Royal Events This Week – May 19 To 25

May 19 – Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary. Prince Constantijn is the third son of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. They were married at Grote of St Jacobskerk in The Hague, The Netherlands on May 19, 2001.
May 20 - Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece celebrates 46th birthday. Pavlos was born on May 20, 1967. He is the eldest son and heir of former King Constantine II of Greece, who was deposed in 1974.
May 22 – Crown Prince Felipe and Princess and Letizia of Spain celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary. Prince Felipe is the eldest son and heir of Spain’s king Juan Carlos I. The couple was married at the Cathedral Santa María la Real de la Almudena in Madrid, Spain on May 22, 2004.

Queen Elizabeth II skips Commonwealth meeting : the twilight of her reign

Her steadfast presence for over half a century has been given us that feeling that everyone is going to be alright. I may not be Briton, but each time I take a look at Queen Elizabeth II and all that she stand for, I really find it difficult to separate her continuity and the fact that her presence means that no chaos will ever stand a chance of lasting, that everything will fall back into its proper place.
But 61 years of being the Queen of a country that has once ruled the earth can be stressful and straining at times. And sixty one years has been a long, long time. At 87, she’s way past her retirement, but she chose not to because she has a vow to fulfill never to forsake her service for the rest of her life. While Queen Beatrix of Netherlands was happy to hand over the reins of ruling her subjects in exchange for a less burdensome life, the Queen carries on with her duty. Life as usual, as they say, even if old age has made her bent and her health frailer that it used to be.

Remembering Queen Adelaide

A famous city in Australia was named after her. She was Queen Victoria's favorite aunt, too, and all the Britons adored her when she was alive. Yet, Queen Adelaide is seldom mentioned today. The pious queen, however, never wanted attention for herself. In fact, her sisters-in-law, the scandal-ridden Queen Caroline and the overbearing Duchess of Kent, attracted more attention than she did during her lifetime.
In 1836, the city of Adelaide in Australia was named in her honor. She was King William IV's consort, but beyond that, not that much is known about this good queen. Not even the Australians living in her namesake city know who she is. One tourist guide laments that “the pace of modern life has meant the monarch is anonymous to South Australians.”
Birth and Younger Years
The future queen was born on August 13, 1872 at Meiningen, Thuringia, Germany. She was baptized Adelaide Amelia Louise Theresa Caroline.

Princess Alexandra: the British Royal Family’s unsung heroine

The recent illness that struck Princess Alexandra of Kent left her with no choice but to cancel all her engagements until the end of May. For someone who’s been dedicating her life for the service of others and for the support of the Crown, it must be pretty sad point in her life. Just recently, the Princess was reportedly struck with polymyalgia rheumatic (PMR), an inflammation of the muscles that leads to stiffness and agonizing pain.
Unlike other attention-seeking members of the royal family, Princess Alexandra has been happy to performing her duties without ever wanting to seek publicity. Peace and quiet is Princess Alexandra’s preferred lifestyle, and an existence as little punctuated by the click of cameras as possible is what enables her to make her jovial, easy-going contribution to the public life.
A royal birth
Princess Alexandra was born on Christmas Day, 1936. She is the only daughter of Prince George, Duke of Kent, fourth son and fifth child of King George V and Queen…

Willem-Alexander sworn as king of the Netherlands

BBC reports that Willem-Alexander has been sworn in as the new king of the Netherlands. The festivities heightened with the water pageant. The people rejoiced as they watched the new king sail down the River IJ in Amsterdam.

More than 200 boats joined the orange-decorated flotilla.

Following the abdication of the king's mother, Queen Beatrix, the new king swore to uphold the Dutch constitution. The colorful enthronement ceremony was celebrated at the Nieuwe Kerk before the joint session of the Dutch Parliament.
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