Queen and Prince Philip to skip odd engagements

Peter Phillips talks about grandparents. Image credit: Zimbio
June 5 - Old age is already taking its toll on the health of the once-robust Queen and her once-gamely consort, Prince Philip. Queen Elizabeth II’s oldest grandchild, Peter Phillips revealed that the royal couple might decide to skip any “odd engagement” due to their advancing age. In an interview with ITVs Daybreak, 36-year-old Phillip revealed that Prince Philip is feeling “under the weather,” following the long list of engagements recently.

Phillips also said: “Yes, but you also have got to remember his age, both of their ages, you know... what they do at their age - they do a lot more than most other pensioners of their equivalent age so... if occasionally there is the odd engagement cancelled, it shouldn't come as such a surprise, given the workload that they do have.”

Phillips said that he is 'hugely proud' of the Queen, citing her as a “great inspiration” to the country, “a great role model” and “an inspiration to all of us.” He also noted that the Abbey commemorating the 60th anniversary of her grandmother’s coronation was a “fantastic” feat, imbued with a 'real sense of history.”

Source: The Mail Online 

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