Prince Charles is not the Oldest Heir to the British Throne

Sophia, Electress of Hanover. Image: Wikimedia

While it's true that it's been taking a lifetime for Prince Charles to finally succeed to the throne, it's not entirely true that he's the oldest heir to the throne.

Prince Charles officially became the oldest king-to-be in over 300 years last Friday. The Prince has made himself a national lampoon when he told the media how really "impatient" he was to take on the largely ceremonial responsibilities of a monarch and that he's "running out time" to make an impact as a sovereign.

True, indeed. How could an almost 70-something leave a stunning mark in history? His mother, good old Queen Liz is still in sound health and kindred spirit. She has been reigning so long that she already merits to stand at par in the likes of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I. But it seems Prince Charles--should he ever reign--might want to content himself in going down the line with the likes of King William IV, unless his reign is marred by historic events or he becomes too overbearing to become highly unpopular, like George IV.

The press might have picked it up the wrong way. While Prince Charle is not the oldest heir, he might after all be the oldest person to succeed as king. That is if he manages to outlive his mom.
So who is the oldest heir to the British throne?

It's actually Electress Sophia of Hanover, mother of King George I and a granddaughter of King James I, the first Stuart king of England.

By virtue of the Act of Settlement of 1701, Parliament declared her heiress presumptive to Queen Anne and she died at the age of 83, just a few weeks before the queen's own in 1714. Sophia's son succeeded her as the "first" in line to the British throne and he reigned as the unpopular George I.

Sophia was born in 1630, the daughter of Frederick V, Elector Palatine and Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of James I, King of England and, as James VI, King of Scotland. In 1658, she married Ernest Augustus of Brunswick-Luneburg, who later succeeded as head of the House of Hanover and was eventually raised as one of the Electors the Holy Roman Empire.

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