Buckingham Palace hosts first football match

Prince William is having a good time pitching at the first football match
at Buckingham Palace. Image: Getty Images.

In commemoration of the 150th year of the Football Association, Buckingham Palace opened its gates to the first official football match. The idea was the brainchild of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who is FA's president. However, the second-in-line to the throne warned players to mind the windows, or else, "they would answer to the Queen," according to MailOnline. Civil Service FC and Polytechnic FC, which are among the oldest amateur clubs in football, at Her Majesty's garden, reports Telegraph. Polytecnic FC eventually beat Civil Service FC 2-1.

The heat is on at the first football match at Buckingham Palace.
Image: Reuters

The Buckingham Palace grounds is teeming with excitement during the
Palace's first-ever football match organized by Prince William.
Image: Reuters


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