Prince George's £50,000 Commemorative Coin

The commemorative coin celebrating the christening of Prince George of Cambridge. 
Image: PA
To mark the christening of Prince George of Cambridge, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have already given their nod of approval to release the first-ever royal christening coins. The commemorative coins have been produced by the Royal Mint Royal Mint in Llantrisant, South Wales, and they will be on sale starting today.
The design features the Lily Font from the Tower of London and two harp-playing cherubs, according to MailOnline.

Report from the Express reveals that nine designs are available, ranging from the cheapest, "five pound Crown" coin "in cupro-nickel alloy" for only £13, to the to the most expensive, one kilogram gold coin to fetch £50,000.
"Twenty-two of the most expensive coins will be struck containing a kilogramme of fine gold each," reports BBC.


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