Prince Leka of Albania's 32nd Birthday

Prince Leka of Albania. Image: Albanian Royal House
Born in 1982, Prince Leka Anwar Zog Reza Baudouin Msiziwe Zogu is the only child of  Leka, Crown Prince of Albania and Susan Cullen-Ward. He was born in South Africa, but the South African government ceded his maternity ward to Albanian sovereignty to ensure that Leka was born in Albanian soil.

In 2006, he graduated from Sandhurst Military Academy in UK and was considered the academy's "best foreign student." In 2007, he was appointed to the foreign office and in 2009, was transffered to the Interior ministry. In 2012, Leka was appointed political adviser to President Bujar Nishani.  In 2011, Leka was engaged to actress Elia Zaharia.

Albanian monarchists refer to him at Leka II, after his father's death in 2011, whom he also succeeded as the head of the House of zogu and 3rd Sovereign Head of the Order of Besa and of the Order of Skanderbeg.


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