Stay Overnight and Live Like an Emperor at Schonbrunn Palace for Only £1,000

Schonbrunn Palace

Live like royalty (or perhaps one of Habsburgs) and relish the life of splendor at Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. Stay at the former emperor’s suite in Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria, for £1,000 a night.

The centuries-old palace has 1,441 rooms, which is also one of the most prized historical and cultural gems of Austria.

A night of stay in the palace will give you the chance to access a suite of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a salon and a kitchen. And there’s more. You’ll also have your own private cook, limousine service and butler for as long as you’re staying here.

The property was acquired in 1569 by Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II for recreational hunting.

The palace was named Schonbrunn, which means 'beautiful spring.' An artesian well used to found in the palace grounds.

Schonbrunn was later given to Maria Theresa as a wedding gift from her father Emperor Charles VI. When she inherited the Habsburg possessions, she had the palace built and remodeled from 1740 and 1750. The palace was redecorated the estate in its now-signature neoclassical style.

When the Habsburgs were deposed and the Austrian Republic was established in 1918, the property was converted into a museum. Following World War II, the British military used the palace as its office until it was again turned into a museum in 1955.

Schonbrunn Palace was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996. 

Check out the rooms below.


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