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Prince George's birthday photo released: He looks really cute!

An official picture of Prince George has been released to commemorate his second birthday. Taken by fashion photographer, Mario Testino, the cute prince looking happy in the arms of his father, Prince William. According to a Kensington Palace spokeswoman, the "photograph captures a very happy moment on what was a special day for the duke and duchess and their family."They are very pleased to share this picture as they celebrate Prince George's second birthday."

Buckingham Palace to investigate for the source of leaked Nazi salute footage

Buckingham Palace will investigate on how the video footage showing Queen Elizabeth II making the Nazi salute reached The Sun’s hands.
The palace will also take legal actions, considering that the 17-second film clip belongs in the Royal Family’s highly-restricted private archives. Queen Elizabeth II was greatly saddened after the video came out in the public. The clip shows the Queen’s mother, then Duchess of York, and younger sister, Princess Margaret, joining her as she makes the salute.
“There is mischief-making going on here and it is hurtful,” a senior Royal insider said in an interview with the Sunday Mirror.
“Her Majesty is livid at the distortion of truth and betrayal,” the inside continues.
The Queen is also “furious” because it damaged the reputation of her late mother, who actually did so much to boost public morale during the War years. It is believed that the Queen’s father, future King George VI, was the one taking the footage. Another Royal source revealed that that…

Royal biographer: Leaked video outshone by the decades of Queen’s hard work

Royal biographer Sarah Bradford immediately came into the Queen’s defense after the controversial 1933 video showing a young Princess Elizabeth making a Nazi salute.
“For all that, I do not believe there will be any lasting resonance, however sensational they might seem now – and this is because the darker message some claim for them has been so comprehensively outshone by the decades of hard work carried out by that earnest young girl,” the renowned author write for the Mail on Sunday.
Bradford noted that the Queen has been a ceaseless “embodiment of the respect, duty and determination” that saw through Great Britain during its darkest days, especially during World War II.
“Her reputation, already extraordinary, can surely not be tainted by an 80-year-old picture taken when she was a child,” Bradford continued.
Bradford highlighted the hard work the Queen did during World War II. Only 18 then, the Queen served with the wartime ambulance service. Bradford also wrote that the release…

Buckingham Palace, netizens react on leaked 1933 footage showing the Queen doing the Nazi salute

Buckingham Palace, netizens react on leaked 1933 footage showing the Queen doing the Nazi salute British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, has published footage of a seven-year-old Princess Elizabeth giving a Nazi salute.
Shot in 1933, the tape is features on the Sun’s website with a report published on its newspaper. It shows Elizabeth, her mother, her sister Margaret and her uncle Edward (later Edward VIII) having a great time in the grounds of Balmoral CastleScotland. Edward VIII, who reigned following his father’s death in 1936 for a very short 11 months before abdicating in the name of love for the American divorcee Wallis Simpson, was accused of sympathizing with the Nazi. His brother and successor, King George VI, father of Queen Elizabeth II, led Britain through the difficult years of World War II. The Nazi would have even wanted Edward and Wallis, who they referred as Good Queen, to reign.
Buckingham Palace immediately reacted to the video. In a statement, Palace officials said: “…

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik visit Greenland

Queen Margrethe and Prince Consort Henrik are now in Greenland for a two-week visit in Denmark’s autonomous territory.
The Queen already visited the Station Nord military and science station, the Ittoqqortoormiit settlement and the Thule Air Base. Queen Margrethe was joined in Greenland by her husband Prince Consort Henrik on Sunday.
The Queen and the prince consort traveled aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog  and slated to tour different parts of Greenland, including Upernavik, Ukkusissat, Qullissat, Saqqaq, Ilulissat, Qasigiannguit, Kitsissuarsuit, Sisimiut, Kangaamiut and Maniitsoq before capping their visit in the capital of Nuuk on July 22.

 The locals will also give the royals a demonstration of seal hunting and traditional kayak techniques. Of course, a visit to local museums, health care facilities and activity centers are included in their itineraries.

The Queen spotted horse riding in Windsor

It’s tough to be the Queen but Her Majesty definitely deserves a break. Following her high profile visit in Germany and the frenzy that was the christening of Princess Charlotte early this month, Queen Elizabeth II found made an escape from her busy schedule to enjoy a horse ride in Windsor Castle.
The Queen was photographed with her head groom Terry Pendry as she looked rested with the fresh air and the leafy surroundings of Berkshire.
The Queen looked lovely with the white jodhpurs and light jacket that she wore for her day out. Her hair was swathed with a silk scarf, which she usually wears when going outdoors.

Despite advancing age, the Queen who has reigned for 62 years is showing no sign of slowing down and she’s always seen horse riding in Windsor or in her country estates, Balmoral and Sandringham. The Queen has been an avid horse rider ever since she was given her first pony – the Shetland mare she called Peggy , which was a gift from her grandfather, King George V. With her…

Prince William hints of desire for baby no. 3

With a lovely baby daughter and a cute toddler in the family, Prince William admitted being a father is a challenging task. Add to that he’s got his obligations as second in line to the throne and as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance.
But definitely the joys of a family life are beyond compare, calling Prince George, who will celebrate his second birthday next week, as a "little monkey".
"But at the same time it is more responsibility, looking after two little ones, especially when George is around. He's a little monkey. But it is fantastic having a lovely little family and I am so thrilled,” the duke of Cambridge said.
The duke is also proud of the duchess of Cambridge for “doing an amazing job as a mother.”   Talking about his new job, he said: "Obviously at some point there is probably going to be a lot more pressure and responsibility from the Royal side of my life.”
But despite the couple’s hectic schedule, Prince William admitted he’d welcome …

Prince William begins East Anglian Air Ambulance job

The Duke of Cambridge has admitted he is "feeling the nerves" as he begins his new job as an air ambulance pilot.
Prince William started his new job as an air ambulance helicopter pilot on Monday, saying this would keep him "a good guy."  Nevertheless, the second in line to the throne was honest when he said that his new post was making him feel the “nerves.” 
 Prince William took the civilian pilot course September last year and then took another training for 999 so he could work with the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA).
The prince’s new job would take him to Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire and his first shift started at 7 am in Cambridge Airport, as a co-pilot for the medical staff. He will have four days of work followed by another four days off. But he’ll be definitely out each time he has an official engagement as a member of the Royal Family. 
The prince discussed that it’s not an easy job he has, considering he’s got two jobs to juggle…

Prince Andrew made Huddersfield University chancellor

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was recently installed as chancellor of the University of Huddersfield, succeeding Sit Patrick Stewart, who was held the position since 2004. Prince Andrew was also conferred an honorary doctorate for his tireless efforts to promote entrepreneurship.

The Queen’s second son has been the institution's patron since 2013, opening the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre the same year and has actively taken part in numerous events in the university for over a decade.

Vice-chancellor Professor Bob Cryan praised the duke for his constant support to the university, saying: "His Royal Highness has a natural ally in the University of Huddersfield, where entrepreneurialism is an essential component of our education and our philosophy."

Royal Updates from Twitter

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