The Crown is a Must-Watch among Royal Lovers!

The year 1952 ushered in a new era to the history of Great Britain. The once mighty empire where the sun never set was on the verge of decline and King George VI quietly passed away. The new sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, was in Kenya. The early years of the life of the young queen is the center of the new Netflix biopic, The Crown. It depicts how a 25-year-old newlywed faced the challenges that the most famous monarchy had to surpass by building a relationship with the impregnable Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.  The series will eventually progress through the decades leading to the end of the 20th century, showing us how the Queen’s quiet calm and tact enabled her to survive the innumerable personal intrigues and political rivalries.

Helmed by Peter Morgan, the drama series takes pride of its “masterfully researched scripts” showcasing the private life of the Queen as she carries on her public duties with “daring frankness.”  With the budget of $156,000, this series is so far one of the most expensive of its kind.


  1. Loved every minute...everyone involved should be congratulated :)


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