These Royal Doulton Figurines are Every Collector’s Must-Have!

Royal Doulton is known for their beautifully handcrafted figurines that are considered treasures to keep forever. Every collector today are scrambling for a Royal Doulton not only for the interesting return of investment that they offer but more so for the detail and incredible craftsmanship. Check out the best Royal Doulton royal-inspired souvenirs!

Royal Doulton Figurine Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh

In 1947, then-Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh tied the knot. This collector’s item relishes that romantic moment.

Royal Doulton Young Queens Figurine, Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was only 18 when she ascended the throne of the United Kingdom. The intricate and masterful details of this figurine makes it perfect for your collection!

Royal Doulton Queen Elizabeth Birthday Celebration Figurine

In this figurine, Queen Elizabeth II is portrayed with celebratory birthday flowers and her iconic sense of style. Every detail has been considered and executed with fine craftsmanship for a collectable to last a lifetime and beyond.

Royal Doulton Queen Elizabeth II At Home Figurine 

This piece would be a superb addition to any home and depicts Queen Elizabeth II  in a striking yellow suit as she relaxes with her beloved corgis. 

Royal Doulton Queen Elizabeth I Figurine

Queen Elizabeth I’s reign is dubbed as England’s golden age. Complete your Royal Doulton collection of figurines by getting this exquisitehandwork of art celebrating the Virgin Queen’s achievement.

Royal Doulton Royals Figurine, Prince George

We just can’t get enough of Prince George’s cuteness!

Royal Doulton Prince George's Royal Christening Figurine

A scene paying tribute to Prince George of Cambridge’s christening, this impeccably crafted figurine depicts a scene set up for official photos of the day - showing Her Majesty the Queen with the Duke, Duchess and Prince of Cambridge sitting on a sofa that would have been within the regal surroundings of Buckingham Palace. Rendered in beautiful colours with striking attention to detail, this piece would make a beautiful gift for any home, and a highly desirable collector’s piece.

 Royal Doulton Katherine Howard Figurine

This strikingly lovely hand painted resin figurine depicts Katherine Howard posed with a dog; Queen of England and fifth wife to Henry VIII, who lived 1523 - 1542. She was beheaded!



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