8 Magnificent Photos of the Palace of Versailles

Louis XIV, who ruled France as the Sun King from 1643 until 1715, left his immortal stamp in the form the Palace of Versailles, the enormous and splendid palace named after the town of the same name. It used to be his father Louis XIII’s hunting lodge but Louis XIV wanted his surroundings to suit the grandeur of his office. And so, he aimed to have a Court so magnificent no other European rulers would ever outdo him! He commissioned the construction of the enormous palace outside Paris, with interminable halls and apartments and a vast garden stretching away behind it. This palace and its outlying buildings, including two or three less gorgeous residences for the king when he occasionally grew tired of the ceremony of Versailles, perhaps cost the nation a huge sum of money. Thousands of peasants and soldiers were toiled to work in this building without pay. The furnishings and decorations were as rich  and costly as the palace was splendid, and still fil the visitor with wonder. For over a century Versailles continued to be the home of the French kings and the seat of the government.

Check out these eight magnificent photos and relive how the grandest of the French kings lived. 

Aerial view of the Palace of Versailles

The Chapel of Versailles

Galerie des Batailles

The Hall of Mirrors

The Marble Court

One of the Fountains in Versailles

The Orangery of Versailles

The Queen's Bedchamber

Find out more about Versailles here.



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