The Netherlands celebrates The Queen's Day

Queen Beatrix. Confetti worth for a Queen
Despite the tragedy that shrouds the Netherlands’ House of Orange, the royals still masked a smile on their faces as the orange fever takes over the Queen’s Day in celebration of Queen Beatrix’s birthday. Members of the Dutch Royal Family joined the crowd in the games and festivities. Missing are the Queen’s son, Prince Friso, who still remains in coma after a skiing accident in February, and his wife, Princess Mabel. In her speech, the Queen mentioned:

Crown Princess Maxima joins the tug-of-war competition.

The orange fever swept the country during the Queen's Day.

Crown Prince Willem Alexander during the toilet throwing
“It is a pity and sad that our family isn’t complete today.  But I’m very grateful for all the warmth and well wishes we have seen and heard here today and I will pass them on.”

All over town, vendors lined the street selling all kinds of items, while the toilet throwing contest, a tradition began in 2000, saw Prince Willem Alexander beat his younger brother Prince Constantijn. Meanwhile, Crown Princess Maxima joined the crowd in the tug-of-war competition.

Queen Beatrix was born January 31, although her official birthday is celebrated every April 30th, her mother, the late Queen Juliana’s birthday. When she succeeded as Queen, she retained that date in honor of her mother as well as for a more practical reason due to the freezing weather of January. 


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