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Japan’s Prince Tomohito dies

Prince Tomohito of Mikasa, the eldest cousin of Emperor Akihito, succumbed to cancer, Wednesday, June 13. He was 66.

Prince Philip discharged from hospital

Prince Philip, who celebrates his 91st birthday June 10, was finally discharged from hospital after being hospitalized with bladder infection at the height of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. 

World celebrates Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

British expats, Anglophiles, and royalists around the world are all one in celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. 

Fashion reigns supreme at Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Royals wore their very best during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

A million people cheers Queen at Diamond Jubilee finale

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations reached its climax as the Queen, together with members of the British Royal Family, greeted a sea of crowd who gathered before the Buckingham Palace balcony in an unprecedented display of affection to the Queen who dedicated her life in the service of the people.

Diamond Jubilee Concert gathers 12,000 people

More than 12,000-strong crowd gathered in front of Buckingham Palace to witness top-tier performers pay their homage to Queen Elizabeth II during the Diamond Jubilee Concert. 

Prince Philip hospitalized for bladder infection

Four hours of standing,  a damp weather, and chilly temperature all took their toll on Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who was taken by ambulance from Windsor Castle, where he and Queen Elizabeth II were resting after the grueling four-hour Thames river pageant last Sunday.

Thousands watch the Queen during the Jubilee river pageant

Three generations of royalty all gathered together to join Queen Elizabeth II while sailing down the Thames during the spectacular Diamond Jubilee river pageant. Thousands of crowd from all over Britain gathered along the river to get the best view of the Queen, while the whole world keeps their eye in London to mark the Queen’s 60th year on the throne.

Watch 60 glittering years of Queen Elizabeth II on the Throne

For sixty years, Queen Elizabeth II has been tireless and selfless in dedicating her life to the throne. Brought up to fulfill her destiny, the Queen’s reign has been so full of ups and downs and yet for all that she’s been through, she never failed to win the hearts of the millions of Britons who continue to show their unwavering support for the lady who stood by their times through all the grim moments and rejoiced them through all the triumphs and victory. In this video, let us take a look back and the 60 momentous years of Queen Elizabeth II.

The great Diamond Jubilee street party begins

Thousands of crowds have already gathered all over the parks and streets in London, waving Union flags and are at their merriest while showing their heartfelt tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

Epsom Derby kick starts Diamond Jubilee weekend

There’s no doubt that horseracing is the sport for kings, but in the Epsom Derby, Queen Elizabeth II is the supreme commander!

In picture: Queen’s first photograph after father died

Gazing pensively ahead, her face etched with sadness, this is the first picture taken of the Queen following the unexpected death of her father, King George VI, reports The Telegraph. This image was released for the first time in commemoration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Queen will never abdicate

When Queen Elizabeth II vowed to dedicate her life for the service of her country and the Commonwealth “be it long or short,” she meant was she said. And so, 60 years after she became, the 86 year old monarch, still smiling and waiving, continues to perform her duty without ceasing.

Royal Barge ready to sail

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee barge is already decked with flowers as final preparations are made for Sunday’s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant.

Britain gets ready for Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Festivities are in the air, as children, students and grown up readies for the once-in-a-lifetime Diamond Jubilee celebrations that will keep off this weekend, June 2.

Princes William and Harry give a tell-all interview with Katie Couric

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge shares with Katie Courichow he’d wanted his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, to meet Kate on his wedding day.

The Common Sense Queen: David Cameron Hails the Queen

Prime Minister David Cameron has nothing but deep admiration and respect to the lady he’d love to call the “common sense Queen.”

Duchess of Cambridge attends first Palace garden tea party

The Duchess of Cambridge continues her winning streak with the press and public alike as she attends her first Palace garden party last weekend.

Prince and Princess of Monaco host Formula One Grand Prix

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco hosted the annual marquee Formula One race. Together with the couple were the prince’s nephew, Pierre and Andrea Casiraghi and the Countess of Wessex, who was Princess Charlene’s close friend. 

The Queen’s most unusual Diamond Jubilee portraits

From a jellybean queen, to a monarch made from money, artists from all over the country has been showing their love for Queen Elizabeth II by creating unique and wonderful portraits of Her Majesty, taking up the tools of their trade and giving their most creative to offer a tribute to the lady whom all Britons love.
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