Affairs of the Duke of Teck

Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck
Jan. 18, 1894 - The London Truth reports that the disposal of the Duchess of Teck's Kensington Palace apartments has turned out stressful and tiresome. Among the many royal who are interested of moving in included Princess Louise and her younger brother the Duke of Albany.

Princess Louise finds them "more pleasant and more convenient than the suite she now occupies." Meanwhile, the Duke of Albany also wants to have a residence of his own, since Claremont "is only lent to him" with certain restrictions.

The Queen has not yet decided on the fate of the Duchess' apartments, although it was heard that she intends to end "the arrangement under which certain junior members of her family use Buckingham Palace as a town house" since aside from causing great inconvenience for Her Majesty's part, the expense of running these town houses are also a cause for concern.

Reports have surfaced that the Duchess of Teck and her family fled abroad to run away from creditors. However, "this is a malicious fabrication" since the Duke and Duchess' debts had already been paid in full by her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, who issued 30,000 pounds from her own pocket during the last few years.

(The Duchess of Teck was born Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge, youngest daughter of the Duke of Cambridge. She was Queen Mary's mother.)


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