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Royal Finances: The Queen is more value-for-money than republican presidents

The issue about royal finances has been the subject of never-ending arguments. Republicans and royalophobes have pointed out many times over that The British Royal Family is a complete set of trash and should be abolished. They're expensive and doesn't cost a cent to the British people. They're impractical and so they should be phased out.

Queen Elizabeth II jumps off the parachute, makes her acting debut as a Bond Girl

What better way to start the London Olympic than launch The Queen as an actress and in a rather breathtaking manner: jumping off a parachute.

The Story of Princess Helena Victoria and Princess Marie Louise—Part 7: Marie Louise and the Kaiser

Princess Marie Louise nurtured a close relationship to her cousin, the Kaiser. In fact, he held a keen affection to the Christians. Amidst the ravages of World War I, the Kaiser had never forgotten to send a congratulatory note to her aunt during their 50th wedding anniversary. The telegram reached England via Sweden through his cousin, Crown Princess Margaret. As for Marie Louise, she referred to her cousin as sympathetic, cheerful, and warm.

Queen’s Duchy of Lancaster rises to $600 mn in value

Despite the never-ending budget cut and credit crunch, the Merry Monarch of Windsor's fortune remains unaffected. Good Queen Liz still has the reason to smile as the Duchy of Lancaster, the Sovereign’s private estate has risen to £405 million (approximately $600 million) in value.

King Juan Carlos sacked by Spanish WWF

After the huge embarrassment he’d endured after his highly publicized African safari trip, King Juan Carlos of Spanish received another slapped on his face after World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature’s branch in Spain decided to abolish the position of honorary president, which was held by the King.

Denmark's Royal Family gathers for summer photo shoot

Denmark’s Royal Family has gathered once again, this time for their summer photo shoot at the garden of Grasten Palace.

Mandate called on for Norway’s royals

Despite the widespread support given Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon, calls have been made by leftists and republicans for a referendum for the future of the monarchy, especially before taking the crown prince ascends to the throne upon King Olav’s death.

Queen Beatrix the costliest monarch in Europe but French president the costliest head of state

Queen Beatrix and the entire Dutch royal family are the most expensive royal family in Europe at a cost of £31 million a year paid for by the Dutch taxpayers. 

British Royal Family brings £26.4 billion to UK

Back off, antimonarchists. It seems that Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Family is more value for money for the British government more than anyone could ever imagine. In May 2012, Brand Finance, a financial consultancy that assesses the values of firms, brings in £26.4 billion to the United Kingdom, thanks to its tourism draw.

King Juan Carlos takes seven percent pay cut

Amidst the worsening credit crunch that’s taking Europe by storm, Spain’s king Juan Carlos has agreed on a seven-percent pay cut. This puts his income 20,900 euros lessthan previous year’s 292,000 euros.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrates 35th birthday

Happy 35th Birthday Crown Princess Victoria!

The Swedish heir to the throne had a pretty warm and memorable birthday last July 14, celebrated with her family and adoring crowds. With the King, Queen, Prince Daniel and five-month old baby Princess Estelle, Princess Victoria went on a retreat at Solliden Palace, the family's summer home, in Oland island. 

The Story of Princess Helena Victoria and Princess Marie Louise—Part 6: Marie Louise Marries Aribert

The following month Queen Victoria invited Aribert to visit Osborne for her usual inspection of future grandsons and found him entirely suitable. English journalists, however, were less convinced. Even before his arrival, newspapers hinted that there was something ‘not quite right’ about the ‘youthful lover’ but Marie Louise was enraptured and the family agreed with Marie Mallet’s opinion that ‘he really is extremely good looking even for a Prince.’ With the Queen’s blessing, plans were made for a July 6, 1891 wedding at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor. 

British Royal Family is worth more than $1 billion

The top members of the British royal family are worth more than $1 billion, with Queen Elizabeth II topping the list at $510 million, according to a recent report.
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