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Duke of Palma testifies at court

Inaki Urdangarin, the Duke of Palma and son-in-law of King Juan Carlos has testified before a judge in Mallorca after  being allegedly involved corruption scandal that accused him of malversation of funds intended for his charity. The duke, however, shrugged the accusations. This was the second time that the duke was questioned.

Princess Estelle celebrates first birthday

Sweden's beloved Princess Estelle turns one. In this official family portrait, the baby in blue joyfully enjoys bonding moment with Ma Crown Princess Victoria and Pa Prince Daniel, while sharing a plate of cake. Princess Estelle was born on February 23, 2012. She is the third-in-line to the throne next to her mother.

Prince Laurent discharged from hospital

Prince Laurent of Belgium was discharged from the hospital last Saturday but he seems to be facing an angry king. The prince, known as the black sheep of the Royal House of Belgium was reportedly facing the enmity of his father the King because he did not inform the Palace about his accident. When the press came calling about the injury the palace had no idea what had occurred. This may further fracture the already delicate relationship between not only the King’s offices, but the King himself.

Prince Philip: "The Philippines must be half-empty, you're all here running the NHS!"

Ever the vocal, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, told Filipino nurses: "The Philippines must be half-empty - you're all here running the NHS." Filipino nurses at Luton and Dunstable Hospital took the 91-year-old prince's joke with good humor and laughed. Indeed, the prince has enough reason to say so, given that a lot of Filipino nurses have come the Britain to work for the country's National Health Service.

Queen gives birth to second son

London, Feb. 19, 1960 - Queen Elizabeth II delivered her second son*, born 3:30 pm today at the Belgian Suite of Buckingham Palace. Prince Philip was informed of the Queen's delivery and a "bulletin was flashed around Britain and the world shortly afterwards," reports The Daily Telegraph.

Prince Arthur confers Garter to the Japanese emperor

Tokyo, Feb. 20, 1906—Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, has invested Japan's Emperor Meiji with the Order of the Garter, reports the New York Times. The event has been described as an "impressive ceremony" witnessed by around 80 people, including the "Crown Prince and other imperial princes." Also present in the event were the Japanese premier and other ministers of His Imperial Majesty's government. The British delegation also witnessed the occasion. The Emperor expressed his "grateful appreciation" for Britain's cordiality.

King Juan Carlos won’t abdicate

Despite the harrowing scandals that had inflicted Spain’s royal family since last year, King Juan Carlos will never abdicate, “reaffirming his legacy of resurrecting the monarchy,” reports Christian Science Monitor.

Princess Anne hails libraries

I am a librarian by passion. I am currently taking my master’s degree in Library Science and I worked in a library. Which is why I can’t help but laud Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, after she said in a speech that "libraries are absolutely fundamentally important to continue education.” That "once you've got that as a habit and you've got that as a venue, you can do anything you want with it. The information is there and you can access it.”

William and Kate top list of 10 romantic role models

The Daily Mirror reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have just topped the survey of Britain’s most inspiring couple. The Queen and Prince Philip placed third while Prince Charles and Camilla ranked ninth.

Monaco’s Prince Albert visits Brazil and

The official website of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco has announced Prince Albert II’s trip to Brazil and Haiti.
Visit to Brazil
The Prince has made his trip to Brazil to visit Casa de Menor Sao Miguel Arcanjo, which looks after street children. He chatted with the organization’s founder, Fr. Renato Chiera, who has already helped alleviate the lives of thousands of children in Brazil.
The Prince also met Sebastiao Salgado, the famed economist and photographer, who has done so much to restore the forests in Minas Geras and Espiritu Santo.
The Haitian Trip
Report from Miami Herald revealed that the Prince’s Haitian trip was pursued to inaugurate the school that has built. It was named in his honor. The prince was received by Haitian President Michel Martelly, with whom he discussed the ways to improve the environment, as well as the prospect of building a center for researchers to study AIDS to be backed by the prince’s foundation.
The prince is slated to meet Dr Jean-William Pape, Dir…

From the Dutch Royal House’s website: outline of abdication and investiture

Here’s the detail of the abdication and investiture ceremonies on April 30, 2013 straight from the Dutch Royal House’s official website.

Royal history: British Royal Family's Financial Constraints

Jan. 21, 1936, London - The Royal Family which receives approximately $2.7 mn a year from Parliament is hard-pressed, reports The United Press. The amount is not enough to cover the cost of the Court and has to be subsidized by the Prince of Wales' Duchy of Cornwall and the King's own Duchy of Lancaster, which yields $285,000 a year.

Royal history: Queen Victoria’s wealth estimated at $100,000,000

Earlier, we have read about Queen Victoria’s will, which specified how much was left to whom. The Jan. 22, 1901 issue of The Boston Globe estimates that Queen Victoria's wealth at the time of her death was around $100 million. In fact, the late Queen-Empress was the first British sovereign to bequeath a "private fortune" to her family. "All her predecessors upon the throne bequeathed to their successor nothing but debts," which was paid by Parliament upon their death.

In 1861 Prince Albert, the Prince Consort, died and willed $2.3 million to Her Majesty. Nield, the notorious miser, left the bulk of his estate to Queen Victoria amounting to $2.5 mn. The Queen also received $1,925,000 in Parliamentary annuity. She saved $300,000 a year from this, and $250,000 more after the prince consort's death. The Duchy of Lancaster also supplemented her income by as much as $300,000 a year. Her wise investments in real estate, New York skycrapers and other properties al…

King Manoel of Portugal to marry Princess Beatrice

Lisbon, February 12, 1909 - The engagement of King Manoel of Portugal to Princess Beatrice of Edinburgh is expected to "be announced shortly," relayed by a report in Lisbon to The New York Times.

Royal fury after magazines publish Kate's bikini-clad images while vacationing in Mustique

The Duke of Cambridge and his pregnant duchess Kate only wanted to take a break from the husle and bustle of royal life. So off the seemingly honey-mooning couple and took the flight (withe the Middletons) to Mustique, the fabled Caribbean island, once the favorite destination of the Queen's late sister, Princess Margaret. But little do we know--and little do the royal couple know that while strolling on the shoreline, bikini-clad Kate (with the sign of baby bump apparent), was already photographed by a prying lense.

Royal History: Prince Alexander of Teck marries Princess Alice of Albany

London, February 10 - The marriage of Prince Alexander of Teck and Princess Alice of Albany was solemnized today at St. George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, the very same date that Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. No other than the King gave away her niece. The Archbishop of Canterbury presided the ceremony.

Royal History: What Price Kings? Justifying the Cost of Monarchy

February 10, 1951 - World War II has long been over, but it seems the British Royal Family is still reeling behind its penny-pinching days. DeWitt Mackenzie, AP Foreign Affairs analyst, can reveal that King George VI is really finding it difficult to make ends it, at least by royal standards. The King's financial situations have really gone so bad that the government "has had to boost his allowance a bit."

Royal History: Queen Victoria's will

Feb. 6, 1901  - The New York Times reveals that Queen Victoria leaves L140,000 each to Prince Arthur, Princess Christian, Princess Louise and Princess Beatrice. The dowager Duchess of Albany and a number of her grand children is also provided with "liberal legacies."

DNA test results confirm Richard III’s skull

Experts from the University of Leicester confirmed that the skull unearthed beneath a car park in Leicester actually belongs to King Richard III. In a press conference, lead archeologist Richard Buckley confirmed: "Beyond reasonable doubt it's Richard." The bones have undergone "rigorous academic study" and have been “carbon dated to a period from 1455-1540."

King Norodom Sihanouk cremated

The remains of Cambodia’s highly revered King Father, Norodom Sihanouk, was finally cremated in the kingdom’s capital, Phnom Penh. Thousands of crowd joined the Royal Family and high government officials for the ceremony to bid adieu to the man whose assuring presence helped Cambodia recover from the strife, turmoil and violence which nearly destroyed the country for almost five decades.

Why Queen Elizabeth II will never abdicate

“I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of the great imperial family to which we all belong.” These were the lasting words dedicated by then twenty-one year old Princess Elizabeth when she made a broadcast while on tour with her family in South Africa in 1947.

Queen Mother pleas for Prince Charles not to be sent to Gordonstoun

Way back when he was in his teens, Prince Charles opined that it would do him no good to stay at Gordonstoun in Scotland. Gordonstoun has the distinction of being Britain’s toughest public school. His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother had the same opinion and voiced out her concern to the Queen, sayingthat the young prince would be “terribly cut off and lonely in the far north” and she’d rather have him attend “staunchly protestant” Eton. However, Prince Philip shrugged off his mother-in-law’s protestation. He wanted his eldest son and the heir to the throne to get the same kind of education he got, no matter how tough it may be.
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