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The Death of Princess Charlotte and Britain’s Succession Crisis

The year 1817 was significant in the history of the House of Hanover for it could have led to the demise of the British Royal Family. On November 6,1817, Princess Charlotte, the only legitimate child of George, Prince Regent, passed away. While his younger brothers were not without offspring, the problem is that all of them lacked legitimate heirs.

These Photos of Schönbrunn Palace are Too Enticing to Resist!

In 1736, Archduchess Maria Theresa, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, then-heiress to the vast Hapburg dominions, married Francis Stephen, Duke of Lorraine. As a wedding gift, her father gave her Schönbrunn, a royal hunting and recreation ground of the Imperial Family. The name Schönbrunn means beautiful spring and originated in an artesian well from which water was consumed by the court.

In 1740, Maria Theresa inherited the Hapsburg lands from her father, although she had to fight for her rights in an armed conflict known as the Seven Years' War. From the 1740s until the 1750s, she undertook an extensive remodeling and expansion of the palace to become its present form. Her husband was elected emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1745.  Hailed as one of the most popular palaces in Vienna, Schönbrunn is now known for its exquisite interior and exterior, sculpted gardens, and rich history, making it all the more interesting to guests and visitors. Indeed, the palace is a s…

These Royal Doulton Figurines are Every Collector’s Must-Have!

Royal Doulton is known for their beautifully handcrafted figurines that are considered treasures to keep forever. Every collector today are scrambling for a Royal Doulton not only for the interesting return of investment that they offer but more so for the detail and incredible craftsmanship. Check out the best Royal Doulton royal-inspired souvenirs!

8 Magnificent Photos of the Palace of Versailles

Louis XIV, who ruled France from 1643 until 1715, left his immortal stamp in the form of the Palace of Versailles, the enormous and splendid structure named after the town where it is located. It used to be his father, Louis XIII’s hunting lodge but Louis XIV wanted his surrounding to suit the grandeur of his throne. He aimed to have a Court so magnificent that no other European ruler would ever outdo him! He commissioned the construction of the enormous palace outside Paris, with interminable halls, apartments and a vast garden stretching away behind it. This palace and its outlying buildings, including two or three less gorgeous residences for the king when he occasionally grew tired of the court life, cost the nation a huge sum of money. Thousands of peasants and soldiers toiled for this building without pay. The furniture and decorations were as rich  and costly as the palace was splendid. For over a century Versailles continued to be the home of the French kings and the seat of …

Watch: Queen Elizabeth II’s World Commonwealth Tour 1953-1954

Since succeeding as Queen in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II has visited every Commonwealth country at least once. Her first and longest tour was between November 1953 and May 1954, when she embarked on the Word Commonwealth Tour, a trip that covered over 40,000 miles, one that took her to different Commonwealth states, including West Indies, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Together with Prince Philip, her first destination was Bermuda, where she spent two days and was welcomed by Governor Wood.

The Queen is back after a month of absence

After a month of illness prompting her to be absent in last year’s Christmas and New Year service, Queen Elizabeth II makes a surprising comeback as she attended church at Sandringham on Sunday. The 90-year-old was driven to St. Mary Magdalene Church just 400 years from Sandringham House in her Norfolk estate.

Princess Margaret and Margaret Thatcher’s Letters Revealed: What were they Talking About?

It seems that two of the most famous Margarets of the 20th century have taken a liking for each other. Correspondence between Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher saw them exchange ideas from the prime minister’s anguish regarding striking steel workers and Princess Margaret’s clamor for more Trotskyists “to argue with.” The letters between the two Margarets were made available by the National Archives in Kew to the public last Friday after more than 30 years, showing how the two took pity after Russia invaded Afghanistan and strikes in the steel industry.

Queen Elizabeth II Skipped New Year's Day Service

Queen Elizabeth II, who has been down with for over a week, skipped New Year’s Day church service in Sandringham. A week earlier, the 90-year-old queen missed the Christmas Day church service, the first time since 1988, because of the illness.
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