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Princess Marie of Denmark gives birth to a princess

It's a baby girl for Prince Joachim and Princess Marie. 

The official website of the Danish Royal Family announced the birth of a baby girl to Prince Joachim and Princess Marie.

“On 24 January, 2012, at 8.27 a.m. Her Royal Highness Princess Marie gave birth to a healthy Princess at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen (Copenhagen University Hospital). Weight: 2930 grs., length: 49 cm. Mother and baby are doing fine. His Royal Highness Prince Joachim was present at Rigshospitalet all the time.” Prince Joachim married Princess Marie in 2008. The baby princess has a brother, Prince Henrik, and two elder half-brothers, Prince Nicholai and Prince Felix. The princess was born exactly 10 days after the ruby anniversary of her grandmother, Queen Margrethe II.

Queen Victoria's Sketches Shown in Public

After 150 years, Queen Victoria's sketches were finally shown in public.
Queen Victoria was known as an accomplished painter in her lifetime, but little did the public know that she was also skilled in sketching, as evidenced by the drawings that she made during the childhood years of her children. A journal of the day attempted to publish the drawings but the furious monarch obtained a court injunction to stop the publication. 

Photo Source, The Daily Mail, retrieved Jan. 22, 2012.

Tiaras Glitter at Queen Margrethe's Ruby Celebration

With Scandinavian royalties gathering in Denmark to celebrate Queen Margrethe's 40th year on the throne, bedazzling the cheering crowd and the picture-hungry press were the royals' rich display of sparkling tiaras, necklaces, and jewelries that adorned them from up to down during the Gala Dinner held Jan. 15.

Queen Margrethe's Ruby Anniversary: Gala Dinner

The gala dinner featured royals at their most glittering moment. The crown princess of Greece was a stunner.

A gala dinner was held at Christiansborg Palace for foreign dignitaries and select guest of honors of the queen. The event was a glittering moment not only because it was graced by some of the glittering people known in royal circuits but also because of the glittering jewels that sparkled and shimmered all through the event.

Perhaps, the top headturner of the event was Crown Princess Pavlos of Greece who wore a dark green velvet evening gown topped by an glittering diamond tiara that was once a possession of Queen Frederica. The piece passed through Princess Sophie of Prussia who was married to Crown Prince Constantine. The tiara was kept from public eye for over forty years. No one in the royal family has worn the fabled tiara since the death of Queen Frederica and speculations had it that it was even sold.

Queen Margrethe's Ruby Anniversary: Church Service

In celebration of Queen Margrethe's 40th year on the throne, a church service was held at the chapel of Christiansborg Palace, Jan. 15. Present were the royal family and relatives from the royal houses of Greece, Norway, and Sweden.

Queen Margrethe's Ruby Anniversary: Changing of the Guards

Thousands of people flock to see the queen. 

Noontime, Jan. 25, the royal family joined the Queen Margrethe at the balcony of Amalienborg Palace to witness the changing of guards. Around 10,000 onlookers gathered outside the gate to witness the occasion. The queen's relatives from Sweden, Norway, and Greece also graced the event and waved at the well-wishers.

Queen Margrethe's Ruby Anniversary: 500th State Council Meeting

The celebration continued Jan. 15, with the queen holding her 500th state council meeting. The crown prince and princess accompanied her to the event, while the prime minister and members of the Cabinet were present as usual.

Copenhagen Welcomes Queen Margrethe With Warm Cheers

Queen and Royal family welcomed by cheering Danish crowds.

While the royals were on their way to Copenhagen, the country's capital was already geared to throw off a huge anniversary bash for their beloved queen. Right at the turn of the new year, the Danes have shown their love and support to the royal family, with the monarchy's approval rating at a soaring 80 percent, higher compared to other monarchies in the continent.
Historian and University of Copenhagen professor Lars Hovbakke Soerensen credits the monarchy's popularity to the queen's selfless efforts in making the royal house a working institution that brought it closer to the people. In fact, the queen was able to “modernize an ageing monarchy and adapt it to the evolving society,” says Prof. Soerensen.
The royal family arrived in Copenhagen via a train trip. A horse-drawn golden carriage picked them up the station and paraded them on the city streets amidst cheering crowd and thousands of well-wishers who ext…

Queen Margrethe and Sisters Visit King Frederick's grave

Royal sisters lay wreath on their father's tomb. 
Since not everyday a crowned head celebrates his ruby anniversary, Denmark has laid a series of festivities and events in line with the queen's 40th year anniversary. On the morning of Jan. 14, the queen, together with her younger sisters, Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie of the former kingdom of Greece, paid a visit to their parents' tombs at Roskilde Castle. She was with her consort, Prince Henrik, her sons Princes Frederik and Joachim, and daughter-in-law Crown Princess Mary. Princess Marie bailed out from the event because of her pregnancy. Meanwhile, the queen's sisters, Queen Anne-Marie and Princess Benedikte were each accompanied by their husbands, King Constantine II and the Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.
Each sister laid a wreath on their father's father tomb. The queen laid blue wreath, Queen Anne-Marie, yellow, and Princess Benedikte pink. A synchronized curtsey followed, led by the crown pri…

Queen Margrethe II, 40 Years on the Throne: A celebration of the Queen's Life and Remarkable Reign

On her 40th year as Queen, Margrethe II still feels the love of the Danes

Jan. 14, 1972, forty-years ago, Denmark's revered King Frederick IX passed away. Inheriting the 1,000 year-old throne was her 31-year-old eldest daughter and child, Crown Princess Margrethe, who took the name Margrethe II. She ascended not only as the second Margrethe but so far the only woman to inherit the throne since the first Margrethe. The whole Danish nation celebrated with the coming of their new monarch. Indeed, a new era had ushered in. On her 40th year on the throne, the entire country, as well as neighboring countries and monarchies the world over sent heartfelt felicitations to the queen whose life and reign has been dedicated for the welfare of the people and that of the state. 

Victoria and Albert: Their Eternal Romance

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's 20-year marriage was sealed in 1840, but it went on to last forever.

She became queen at 18 and reigned proudly until she was 81. She was a mother of nine children and grandmother to 42. But there's no question to the most treasured milestone in Queen Victoria's long and rich life was her wedding to her true love, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.
The passionate pair were both 20 when they tied the knot on Feb. 10, 1840. Victoria had proposed to Albert four months earlier during their second face-to-face meeting. Totally smitten the young queen just couldn't wait for him to be hers forever.
“The happiest day of my life,” she wrote of her wedding. “His excessive love and affection gave me feelings of heavenly love and happiness I never could have hoped to have felt... How can I ever be thankful enough to have such a husband!”
Ruled by Love
Victoria was a practical leader but when it came to love, her heart ruled. As her first cousin…

Photos: Queen Margrethe's Ruby Celebration

Prince Christian steals the scene on grandma's ruby celebrations. 

Photo Source, Hello Magazine, retrieved Jan. 14, 2011.
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