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Queen Beatrix's speech announcing her abdication

As you all know, in a few days I hope to celebrate my 75th birthday. I am thankful that I have been granted the opportunity to do so in good health. At the end of this year we shall mark the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, an occasion that ushered in a new era in our history. The fact that these two special events coincide led me to decide to relinquish the throne this year. It seems to me to be an appropriate moment to take this step, which I have been considering for some time.

Queen Beatrix to abdicate

In line with tradition began by her grandmother Queen Juliana, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has announced that she would abdicate the throne on April 30. She will be succeeded by her eldest son, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, who will be the first Dutch king in 122 years, the last being his great-great grandfather, King Willem III, who ruled from 1849 until 1890.

King Abdullah cedes power in parliamentary election

King Abdullah II is expected to see his authority diminished after his subjects have casted their vote for a new parliament empowered to pick the kingdom’s new prime minster. For the past two years, the Jordanian king has been undertaking has a series of reforms aimed at pacifying his subjects after political turmoil swept all throughout the Middle East.

Prince Harry may not see front line action again

It seems that we will miss seeing Prince Harry in his camouflage suit. The 28-year old heir to throne won’t be expected to see much action after Telegraph online Prince-Harry-unlikely-to-see-front-line-action-again.html has revealed that there are “no plans for him to return to Afghanistan.”

Prince Harry Kills Taliban Fighters

In an interview with The Telegraph, Prince Harry admitted of killing Taliban fighters after his 20-week duty in Afghanistan has officially ended. The 28-year old Prince, third in line to throne, is expected to arrive home on Wednesday.

Princess Margarita of Baden Dies

Death came quietly to Princess Margarita of Baden, who passed away last January 15. She was approaching her 81st year. She was the widow of Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia, younger brother of the country’s last king Peter II. Born on July 14, 1932 at Salem, Germany, she was baptized Margarete Alice Thyra Viktoria Marie Louise Scholastica. Her father was Prince Berthold, Landgrave and head of the House of Baden. Her mother was Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, a sister of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

King Peter II comes home after 72 years

The Royal Family of Serbia rejoices now that the remains of King Peter II will finally come home. In a press statement published on the Royal Family’s website, Crown Prince Alexander said of it as a very “moving event of great historical importance for the people of Serbia.”

Affairs of the Duke of Teck

Jan. 18, 1894 - The London Truth reports that the disposal of the Duchess of Teck's Kensington Palace apartments has turned out stressful and tiresome. Among the many royal who are interested of moving in included Princess Louise and her younger brother the Duke of Albany.

Court Circular January 17, 2013

BUCKINGHAM PALACE: The Earl of Wessex, was installed as Upper Warden of the Worshipful Company of Gardeners. He also attended the Committee Day at Guildhall.

Court Circular January 16, 2013

CLARENCE HOUSE: The Prince Charles held a meeting with the National Trust for Scotland.

Beatrice and Eugenie's German trip ends successfully

The German Kurier called them "the Merry Wives of Windsor who looked like college girls on their high heels." Sueddeutsche newspaper referred to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie as "hatless missionaries" of "quasi-B prominence among the young Royals - after the A-list to the Princes Harry and William and pregnant Kate" who were on their way for a "patriotic mission."

Whitehall documents reveal Queen Elizabeth’s extent of power

We now know that Queen Elizabeth II is not just a mere figurehead and symbol of everything that Britain stands for. Her duties are actually more than the “pomp and circumstances” ceremonies that we see all the time. She actually exercises the so-called Royal Prerogative over sensitive issues in the past years. Whitehall documents can reveal that at least “9 bills have been subject to Royal approval, with the senior royals using their power to consent or block new laws in areas such as higher education, paternity pay and child maintenance,” reports Telegraph online.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie kick off German tour, drives through in Berlin

It seems Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are having a great time driving around Berlin and promoting everything "Great" about Britain. The two Princesses are now in the German capital to embark on a year-long campaign in their capacity as Britain's trade ambassadors, a position recently held by their father, Prince Andrew.

Queen in need of correspondence officer

In an age where email and instant messages are an every norm, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II still maintains it’s best to communicate via snail mail. And with hundreds of thousands of snail mails pouring into Her Majesty’s mail box every year, there’s no wonder when she needs a correspondence officer to handle all these. The applicant needs to have the  “ability to read and digest a large number of letters in a short space of time.”

Court Circular January 15, 2013

CLARENCE HOUSE:  Prince Charles, in his capacity as President, held a meeting with the Scottish Business in the Community.

BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, attended Receptions at St. James's Palace for young people who have achieved the Gold Standard in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Court Circular January 13, 2013

SANDRINGHAM, NORFOLK: The Bishop of Chelmsford presided over the Divine Service was held in Sandringham Parish Church.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presented The Queen's Gold Medal for Academic Excellence at King Edward VII High School, King's Lynn.

Court Circular January 11, 2013

ST. JAMES'S PALACE: The Duke of Cambridge and The Duchess of Cambridge visited the National Portrait Gallery in London

BUCKINGHAM PALACE: The Earl of Wessex, in his capacity as Trustee of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, held a Meeting.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie to work as UK trade ambassadors

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York are bound to follow their father's footsteps. On Thursday, they will begin  their work as Britain's trade ambassadors. Their first destination is Berlin, where they will perform a "year-long promotion of British Industry.

Queen's Bentley struggles to start

Her Majesty's Bentley failed to start after attending a church service at Sandringham, reports Telegraph online. This is something that not any commuter would be happy about, especially when one is stuck amidst freezing weather. But the Queen remained relaxed and jolly. She was even see see laughing while her chauffeur tried his best to keep the start the royal vehicle. After the seventh attempt, it eventually came to life.  Her Majesty's Bentley is one of the two state limousines and this one alone is estimated to be worth £10 million.

Prince Michael of Kent writes off £750,000 losses

After years of reported losses, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent have finally decided to write off the debts of Cantium Services, the umbrella firm that handles their commercial activities. Telegraph online reports that according to Mandrake, Prince Michael, a cousin to Queen Elizabeth II, "has  written off £750,000 in losses" of his firm. The company's capital was also reduced, from  from one million shares, with a nominal value of £1 each, to 250,000. The couple owns the company's entire stocks.

Court Circular January 6-10 2013

January 6 - Sandringham, Norfolk
A Divine Service was held in Sandringham Parish Church this morning officiated by the Bishop of Peterborough.
The Queen presented The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Academic Excellence at Springwood High School, King's Lynn, to Hannah Crosby.
A Sung Eucharist was held in the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace, in celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany. It was presided by the Bishop of London.

Duchess of Cambridge reveals baby bumps

The Duchess of Cambridge, now around 12 weeks pregnant, shows signs of baby bumps and she managed to retain that ever-glowing look and slender physique. The images here were taken after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to the National Portrait Gallery to check out the first official portrait of Her Royal Highness. Despite her recent bout with ill-health after it was revealed that she was pregnant, the Duchess is now back in good health. She celebrated her 31st birthday just recently and her
impeccable sense of style," as reported by Mail Online, was imminent in her classy burgundy chiffon dress matched by her "trusty black court shoes."

King Juan Carlos looks frail during Pascua Militar

="tr-caption" style="text-align: center;">King Juan Carlos of Spain seems frail during the Pascua Militar. King Juan Carlos of Spain seems frail during this year's Pascua Militar (or Military Easter) held last Jan. 6. Far from his usual robust and feisty being, the 75-year-old king was walking with two canes and is seemingly inconvenient. Last year, he had undergone hip operation. He has also gained weight and his face was red. The Pascua Militar is an annual celebration which dates back in 1782, after Spain's successful campaign in Mallorca. Queen Sofia and the Prince and Princess of Asturias also graced the event.

Denmark's royal twins celebrate second birthday

Denmark's royal twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine turns two last January 8. Born in 2011, they are the third and fourth children of Crown Prince Frederik and Australian-born Crown Princess Mary.

Queen Fabiola's inheritance plan earns rebuke

Queen Fabiola's plan to set up a private foundation to dispose funds to her nephews and for her Catholic charities in the event of her death has earned the criticism of the media, the public and politicians, reports AFP. It was revealed that the 84-year-old Queen, consort of the late King Baudouin, did not bother to consult his brother-in-law King Albert II about this.

Duchess of Cambridge portrait unveiled

The first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge is out, but critics panned it, calling it "rotten" and "nothing like Kate in real life," reports The Daily Mail. However, The Telegraph praised the artist, Paul Emsley (himself controversial for realistic and photographic style) for painting the Duchess in "a picture of maturity."

Queen declares future royal daughter will be a princess

Queen Elizabeth II, through a Letters Patent, has declared that a daughter born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be styled Her Royal Highness and bear the title Princess.

Duchess of Cambridge turns 31

Today marks the Duchess of Cambridge’s 31st birthday. Born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on January 9, 1982, the dazzling beauty stole the heart of Prince William and the adoration of millions of people around the world. Even before her April 29, 2011 wedding to Prince William, second in-line to the throne of Great Britain, Kate was already the darling of the press. This year, the Duchess is expecting her first baby. And to celebrate her birthday, here are 31 of the most dazzling photos (picked by Daily Mail) of the lady who keeps on mesmerizing the world.

A Royal Sketch: A Year in the Life of The Queen

Here are 20 of the 250 sketches of artist Michael Noakes, depicting a year in the life of Her Majesty. "Noakes was given unprecedented access to the monarch to draw her in private and public on her daily routine and duties, having previously been commissioned to do portraits of the Queen and the Queen Mother," writes The Daily Mail. 

Katepedia: A Study In Royal Style

Prince Charles worries about Harry

"If you are a parent or relation to a loved one and that person is away in these incredibly dangerous and challenging circumstances, I know you worry all the time," Prince Charles said in an interview, who aired his concern over Prince Harry's safety in the Afghan front, where he serves as a helicopter pilot for the armed forces.

King Juan Carlos turns 75

Spain's King Juan Carlos has granted a once-in-a-blue moon interview on the eve of his 75th birthday. The king expressed his concerns regarding the financial crisis that afflicts millions of his subjects.

Wanted, Dishwasher: Queen in need of ‘General Catering Assistant’

It is now known that Her Majesty is in need of a traveling dishwasher who will “work for up three months every year around her palaces,” reports The Daily Mail. A recent advertisement in the Royal Family’s official website puts that the Queen needs a ‘General Catering Assistant’,’ as it is formally known, who will ‘work for 40 hours per week on the team "responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the staff restaurant."

How to dress up like Kate? Vogue reveals

How do you dress up like the Duchess of Cambridge? “Wear blue, carry your clutch bag with both hands and go for a glossy Chelsea blow dry,” reports The Daily Mail.

Prince Harry to expand charity

Prince Harry plans to expand his African charity Sentabale to five countries and quadruple its income to 8 million pounds annually, reveals Sentabala CEO Cathy Ferrier in an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph. Despite Prince Harry's current assignment in Afghanistan, where he serves as an Apache helicopter pilot, Ferrier reveals that the charity's founder "is so hands on that he emails her from Camp Bastion once a fortnight to keep up with developments."

Prince Charles reacts on plans to change succession laws

The Prince of Wales has voiced out his concern regarding the government's "rushed" plans to alter succession laws, saying that the plan "has not been thought through," which could leas to "unintended consequences." The Prince's comments could never be timelier given than the government has been hastening the process of overhauling the rules that govern the royal succession for centuries.

Court Circular January 3, 2012

BUCKINGHAM PALACE: The Princess Royal, Honorary President, this afternoon attended the Annual Oxford Farming Conference at the Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford, and was received by Mr. William Alden (Deputy Lieutenant of Oxfordshire).

Queen to give Anmer Hall to William and Kate

Queen Elizabeth II has “earmarked” Anmer Hall to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, “as they prepare to welcome their first child,” reports The Daily Mail. Anmer Hall one of the many charming properties that lies in the Sandringham estate. It’s late Georgian in design, two miles away from Her Majesty’s own Sandringham House. “The Duke spent much of his childhood holidays exploring the Grade II listed house, which has been part of the estate since 1898, and its grounds and has fond memories of the mansion house.”

Who’s That Guy? Princess Diana’s mystery man revealed

This 10x8 photo, hidden from the world since it was taken c1979-1980 reveals a Diana so far from how the press depicts her. Although we see the late Princess of Wales as the never-been-touched, and (maybe) never-been-kissed virgin when she wed Prince Charles in 1981, the picture, sold to The Daily Mirror two days before her engagement was announced, reveals a teenager reclined on a bed in a ski chalet with a young man leaning closely against her, reports The Daily Telegraph.

New Year Greetings from Royals around the World

Sovereigns from all over the world welcomed New Year with high hopes that 2013 would be way, way better than 2012. After all, 2012 is one year than one won't wish to look back into. From tragedies and calamities to scandals and financial setbacks, indeed, last year was a tough one.

Crown Prince Alexander II sends Christmas greetings to Serbians

Crown Prince Alexander II of Serbia sent out his Christmas and New Year’s greetings to the Serbians as they celebrate the holidays based on the ancient Julian calendar. Here is His Royal Highness' message:

Hundreds gather for Queen's Christmas appearance

As always, hundreds of people went to the Queen's Sandringham estate, in Norfolk, to get a glimpse and extend Christmas greetings to Her Majesty and the rest of the Royal Family. "As early as 6 am they turn up at the estate gates, armed with chairs, blankets, thick coats and hats, some clasping flasks, as they seek to get a prime spot," reports BBC. Some even traveled  from across the country and some from beyond these shores, just to see the Queen

A Royal Christmas

In 1904, a ladies’ magazine detailed a Royal Christmas Day as follows: “The first sound to greet the guests at Sandringham is that of bagpipes… the little Princes and Princesses are in a high state of excitement, for has not Santa Claus, in the darkness of night, been distributing his bounty with lavish hands?

Sweden’s King speaks about climate change on his Christmas message

In his traditional Christmas Day speech, Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf said that more must be done to combat climate change, the current financial crisis, and his daughter Princess Madeleine’s upcoming wedding, reports

Prince Charles sends British troops a Christmas message

The Prince of Wales has paid tribute to British forces fighting in Afghanistan in a Christmas radio broadcast to troops serving overseas. Charles thanked the servicemen and women for their relentless courage and said the nation owed them "an everlasting debt of gratitude."

Unite against crisis, Spain's king urged subjects

2012 was indeed a tough year for King Juan Carlos, with a handful of personal and national setbacks that only served to sum up this year. Indeed, it’s been an “annus horribilis” for the Bourbons, a year that the Iberian royals wouldn’t want to look back to. But the King, ever feisty and strong-headed, does not lose hope. In his Christmas message, as reported in, the King calls upon the Spaniards to remained one and united to make it through the economic crisis, whose unimagined intensity has swept Europe into the brinks of misery. More importantly, the king called upon his subjects to remain united despite Catalonia’s bid for sovereignty.

Saudi’s Princess Seeta dies

Princess Seeta bint Fahd Al-Damir, mother of Asir Governor Prince Faisal bin Khaled, died on Tuesday. She was 90. Funeral prayers for the late princess will be held at Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh on Wedhesday after Asr prayers, the Royal Court said.

Saudi’s Prince Turki Bin Sultan passes away

Prince Turki bin Sultan, supervisor of the Saudi sports channels, had passed away. No official statement as of yet has been released, but sources could reveal that he died at the Military Hospital in Riyadh. He held numerous government posts, including as director of the press section in the Ministry of Culture and Information’s foreign information department, foreign information advisor at the same ministry, and assistant deputy minister of Culture and Information for planning and studies affairs in 1990, before taking his latest role in 1996.

Prince Felix of Luxembourg presents fiancée

Luxembourg's Prince Félix presented his German fiancee Claire Lademacher to the press, Thursday at Château Berg, the family residence in the Luxembourg country side. And if the media expected to hear a date for the nuptials, they were disappointed. None was forthcoming, although the Court indicated the wedding would be held on the bride's 'home territory' - as by tradition for all but the heirs to the throne.

Grand Duke Henri looks back on an eventful year

There are so many things for Grand Duke Henri to be thankful for. So, in his Christmas message to his subjects, he makes it all clear. Although Luxembourg, like the rest of Europe, is hard-hit by the credit crunch, still, there are many things to be happy about. gives  us a detail of all the things that Grand Duke Henri and, perhaps, the entire Luxembourgers are thankful for:

“In his Christmas speech the Grand Duke looks back on some joyous occasions without failing to acknowledge that Luxembourg is facing big challenges for the future.
Grand Duke Henri said that he was looking back at 2012 with mixed feelings, as a year in which good news and bad news came in quick succession.
But, while the economic crisis abroad and in Luxembourg dominated the news, Henri said the cheerful times should not be forgotten, such as Prince Guillaume's wedding in October to Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy, but also the more recent announcement of Prince Félix's engagement to Claire Lademacher.

Book Review: Gordon Kerr's The Queen: Secrets and Celebrations of Her Majesty

2012 marked the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years as on the Throne. Not everyone could rule that long. Save for her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria, so far, Her Majesty is the longest reigning sovereign in the British realms. Kerr’s coffee table book, Queen: Secrets & Celebrations of Her Majestyis a splendid recollection and a magnificent tribute to a Queen whose life and reign has been dedicated to the service and honor of her country. Indeed, in the words of Marilyn Braun, Her Majesty is the last of her kind, thanks to her  “dedication… her dignity, [and] her ability to remain impartial,” something which “the rest of the royals look diminished in comparison.”

Indeed, her Majesty occupies a special place in the hearts of the British people. For more than 60 years now, she has seen this island national through many ups and downs, but it is her deep sense of duty, and her devotion to her country amd family that engenders her such a sense of admiration and affection.
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