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In Pictures: Christmas Cards from the Royals

The British Royal Family at Christmas

The Royal Christmas is one of the highlights which shape the Royal Family’s year. “Just like her subjects,” Trevor Hall writes, “the Queen feels that she and her relatives have deserved those few brief days together—a respite, a reunion, a polite merrymaking after a year of intense activity, unremitting publicity, triumph and difficulty, brickbats and acclamation.”
The Royal Family usually heads to Sandringham House, the Queen’s country estate in Norfolk for Christmas and New Year.  But before that, the Queen hosts a pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. The dinner is a royal tradition which allows the monarch to see members of the extended royal family who cannot join her on Christmas.  
Before Christmas Eve, the Queen and Prince Philip would lead the royal exodus to Sandringham. Until the 1960s, Christmas was spent at Sandringham. However, the growing royal family prompted her to celebrate the holidays at the “more numerous and spacious rooms of Windsor Castle” until 1988 when…

Christmas with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Royalty has its own regal way of celebrating Christmas. The British royals had, in fact, their share of revolutionizing the way we celebrate it today. They were among those who popularized the Christmas tree and it was King George V who started the Christmas Broadcast, a tradition which succeeding monarchs faithfully maintained every December 25. When King Edward VIII abdicated the throne, he relocated himself to Europe together with the woman he loved, Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor, whose penchant for celebrating Christmas was well-known. 
In fact, Dina Wells Hood, the duke’s secretary and author of Working for the Windsors wrote: "The Duchess took Christmas seriously," busying herself as she meticulously set up the tree, prepared the turkeys, and carefully selected and wrapped the gifts for friends and loyal staff.
In May 1938, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor leased Château de la Croë, the white, detached villa set amidst an expansive grounds on the Cap d'Antibes i…

King Michael of Romania, the King Romanians Will Never Forget

Michael I  twice reigned as King of Romania, first as a boy in 1927 until his father seized the throne in 1930 and once again in 1940 when Carol II was deposed until 1947 when he was forced to abdicate by Communist leaders. At a young age, Michael’s life was already marred by personal struggles, turning him into the stoic, staid moral leader whom Romanians later accepted, loved and revered.
Although he lived most of his life in exile, his love for his country never wavered, thus, earning him a spot in the hearts of his countrymen. Perhaps, his most lasting legacy was when, at the age of 22, he toppled Hitler’s puppet dictator, thus, saving the lives of thousands of Romanians at the height of World War II. Throughout his lifetime, Michael has held numerous distinctions. He was the only man to have preceded and succeeded his father as king, the youngest person to become king during his generation, the last monarch behind the Iron Curtain to abdicate and the last surviving person to hav…

Here's The Queen's Gift to her Employees

Queen Elizabeth II has long held to the tradition of giving away extra special special puddings to all her 1,500 staff on Christmas.
This gift-giving tradition was started by her grandfather, King George V, who reigned from 1910 until 1936.
Likewise, palace staffers, employees at the Court Post Office and the Palace police also receive a greeting card from the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.
Her Majesty used to hand Christmas pudding from Harrods or Fortnum & Mason - the royal grocers, but since the royal purse strings had gotten frugal lately, the Queen preferred the puddings from Tesco’s, especially, Tesco’s Finest Matured Christmas Pudding. 📽Christmas has arrived at Buckingham Palace! 🎄 Did you know that the Christmas Tree was introduced to Britain in the eighteenth century by Queen Charlotte, consort of King George III? Although it was a yew tree rather than a fir that was used. A post shared by The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily) on Dec 12, 2017 at 9:44am PST
Those who hav…

64 Unforgettable Quotes from Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is notorious for fiercely speaking his mind out. His gaffes  and snide remarks to people who got on his nerves graced the headlines around of world. While some of his one-liners originated from substantial amount of outrage, many of which actually made the world laughed out loud. Here are 65 of the most unforgettable quotes from Prince Philip.

“Are you all one family?" - Said to multi-racial dance troupe Diversity at the 2009 Royal Variety Performance, as quoted in " Prince Philip asks Diversity, 'Are you all one family?'"  
“Oh, what, a strip club?" - Response to Elizabeth Rendle, a 24-year-old, who, when introduced to the prince, said that she worked as a barmaid in a nightclub.
“ (Children) go to school because their parents don't want them in the house." (prompting giggles from Malala Yousafzai, who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban after campaigning for the right of girls to go to school with…
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