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Stay at These Five Lovely Chateaux Turned Inns in Central France

If you are planning to step back in time and enjoy the regal luxury of how it was to live in the olden years in Central France, then, staying at chateaux and castles turned inns and bed and breakfasts is a great idea. If you’re in Central France, here’s a list of homey yet opulent accommodations that you shouldn’t miss on your list.

Royal Roundup: Hottest News January 27 2015

We've scoured the net to bring you the hottest royal news in town.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George were joined by the Duchess' parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, in Mustique, where Carole is slated to celebrate her 60th birthday.

Prince Philip is conferred Australia's highest honor as Knight of the Order of Australia by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, for his contribution to Australia throughout Queen Elizabeth II's reign. The prime minister's decision, however, was heavily criticized, particularly by republicans.

Stay And Celebrate Unforgettable Moments At Chateau Allure Du Lac

Live like royalty at Chateau Allure Du Lac in the Loire Valley. This five-star rental property fit for a king and queen is a gracefully decorated, 19th century chateau. It sits on a sprawling 105 acre property, with a 22-acre pond, charming island, breathtaking lakeside terrace, swimming pool, palatial lawns, romantic gardens and a forest where wildlife flourish and thrive.
For the convenience of itinerant residence, this chateau rental has its own elevator that would take up through all four floors. There are also reception rooms, ballroom, dining rooms, chapel and the 12 gorgeous en suite bedrooms that would offer guests a dream-come-true royal vacation.
In-house dining is at its best and a stay in this quaint French villa comes complete with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and full English afternoon tea.

Buckingham Palace Tried to Downgrade Winston Churchill's State Funeral

Fifty years after the burial of Winston Churchill, arguably the greatest statesman in history, Parliamentary Archives reveal that Buckingham Palace officials actually attempted to oppose a state funeral given to Churchill citing that he was just a mere "commoner," MailOnlinereports. "It was clear that Garter and the Palace representatives did not appreciate the vast scale on which this occasion is likely to develop - at any rate as regards the lying in state. In this they were considerably influenced by the theory that the funeral of a commoner must in all respects be on a smaller scale than that of a Royal person," record of a Garter Meeting can tell. According to historian Andrew Roberts, Buckingham Palace officials were opposed to giving Churchill a funeral that would "overshadow royal funerals." "On one level you can see their point a bit. But this isn't necessarily the Queen herself - it sounds like courtiers, who are often more conservative…

Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed's French Riviera Love Nest For Sale for £70million

The palatial villa that was the love nest of Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed is for sale for a whopping £70 million. The villa is located on the French Riviera, in St. Tropez, which comes with 30 bedrooms and all the luxuries fit for royalty. Princess Diana was photographed smooching al Fayed while on a yacht that sailed from the villa only days before she and al Fayed met their fate in that Paris car crash. The estate also boasts a waterfront beach house with nine bedrooms, an indoor and outdoor pool, a nightclub with a cinema and a bar, and a gym and sauna.

Check out the villa below.

Prince Charles and PM David Cameron's Visit to Saudi Met Heavy Criticisms

Prince Charles and Prime Minister David Cameron flew to Saudi Arabia to pay respects to the late King Abdullah, who died last week. However, the two's action met with heavy criticisms due the protests over Saudi Arabia's "appalling human rights record." There were also those who questioned why the British flag was lowered to half-mast, which many deemed unnecessary, given that the Saudis have not even lowered their own flag. The Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister are slated to meet with the new king, Salman.

Princess Athena of Denmark's New Birthday Photos

Princess Athena is turning three, so the Danish Royal House released new pictures of Her Highness and she really looks cute here! Check out the photos which were taken by Steen Broggard. Princess Athena is the youngest child of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

10 Lovely Royal Potraits By Franz Xaver Winterhalter

No other painter in the mid-18th century has earned the patronage of royalties all over Europe other than Franz Xaver Wilterhalter. This German artist, born in 1805, gained fame for painting some of the most popular royal figures during his lifetime and when you say Winterhalter, you mean high-end and chic court potraiture. Here are ten of the most iconic and best-remembered portaits by this legendary painter. 

Royal Profile: Prince Philip, Duke of Ediburgh

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born on June 10, 1921. He was the youngest child and only son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and of Princess Alice of Battenberg. Prince Andrew was a son of King George I of Greece, while Princess Alice was a daughter of Louis II, Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt and Princess Alice, second daughter and third child of Queen Victoria of England.
The early life of Prince Philip was so full of hardships and tragedies. Born to a family that, by royal standards, was on the brink of poverty, Prince Philip endured a homeless existence until he married Princess Elizabeth, who later on ascended the British throne as Elizabeth II. His life was so full of struggle, of an aimless search for a true home, and the determination to remain steadfast despite the changes of time and his uneasy relationship with the press, who always criticized, if not mocked him, for his straight-forward attitude and acerbic frankness.

Ten Interesting Facts About Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Hailed as one of the most active members of the British Royal, Sophie, Countess of Wessex has been dedicating her life to the service of the Crown and of the country. Hugo Vickers wrote of her: “Her unthreatening, supportive presence has clearly endeared her, and she and Prince Edward enjoy a cosier relationship with his parents than has been the experience of the other brothers.” Here are ten interesting facts about her that might interest you to know her even more.

Buckingham Palace Releases Countess of Wessex's 50th Birthday Photo

Here's the official 50th birthday picture of Sophie, Countess of Wessex released by Buckingham Palace. The photo was shot by veteran society photographer Richard Young. The Countess of Wessex will celebrate her 50th birthday on January 20.

The Wedding of Crown Prince Ferdinand Of Romania And Princess Marie Of Edinburgh, Later, King And Queen Of Romania

Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania and Princess Marie of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha were married in a lavish ceremony and amidst a crowd of Europe’s royalty on January 10, 1893. They eventually reigned as King and Queen of Romania from 1914 until 1927.
Ferdinand was born a prince of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen in 1865 to Prince Leopold and Princess Antonia of Portugal. He became heir to the throne of his childless uncle, King Carol I, after his father renounced his claim to the throne in 1880, followed by brother Prince Wilhelm in 1886.
Princess Marie, meanwhile, was the eldest daughter of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, second son of Queen Victoria, and of Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, only daughter of Czar Alexander II. Marie’s father eventually inherited the sovereign Duchy of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in Germany in 1893 upon the death of his uncle, Ernest II. Alfred’s eldest brother, the future King Edward VII, renounced his right to succession earlier.
Princess Marie w…

Royal Profile: Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg, Queen of Hanover

Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg was Queen Consort of Hanover from the time of her husband’s ascension in 1851 until they were expelled from Hanover in 1866.
Marie was born on April 14, 1818 in Hildberghausen and was christened Alexandrina Mary Wilhelmina Catherine Charlotte Theresa Henrietta Louise Pauline Elizabeth Frederica Georgina Marie. Her father was Joseph, then Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Hildburghausen, while her mother was Duchess Amelia of Württemberg, daughter of Duke Louis of Wurttemberg, a younger son of Friedrich II Eugene, reigning Duke of Wurttemberg.
Marie’s father was the second son of Frederick, Duke of Saxe-Hilberghausen, but because his elder brother, Joseph George, died a month after his birth in 1786, he became the heir to the duchy. In 1826, after the transfer of territories among the different branches of the Ernestine Wettins, Marie’s family moved to Altenburg. His father thenceforward took the title Duke of Alternburg. However, because he did not have any ma…

Royal Profile: Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg

Jean reigned the grand duke of Luxembourg from 1964, at the time of her mother Grand Duchess Charlotte's abdication until his own in 2000. He is the father of Luxembourg’s reigning sovereign, Grand Duke Henri.
Gran Duke Jean was born on September 30, 1921, at Berg Castle, in central Luxembourg. His parents were the then-reigning Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Félix of Bourbon-Parma, who was Luxembourg’s longest-serving consort and a son of deposed Robert I, Duke of Parma.
Jean obtained his primary education in Luxembourg, proceeding to the initial phase of his secondary education, which he finished at Ampleforth College, a Roman Catholic boarding school in Great Britain. When he turned 18, he was officially recognized as the heir apparent of Luxembourg, with the style Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg.
Together with his family, Jean fled Luxembourg on the eve of German invasion on May 10, 1940. The country remained occupied for four years. The Grand Ducal family first se…

5 Historic Houses And Castles To Visit In England’s Eastern Counties

Whether you’re a fan of anything grand and stately or you just wish to take a peek of the best from the past, a visit to some of the England’s historic and stately houses, palaces and castles will definitely make you want to fall in love with the years of yore. Here are five of the best historic houses in England’s Eastern Counties now operated by the National Trust.

Ickworth House

The eccentric earl of Bristol, also, bishop of Derry, created this equally eccentric house, started in 1795 to display his collections. The paintings include works by Titian, Gainsborough and Velasquez and the magnificent Georgian silver collections is displayed in the oval Rotunda which is linked by curved corridors to flanking wings. The house is surrounded by an Italianate garden and set in a “Capability” Brown park with several waymarked woodland walks, a deer enclosure with hide and an adventure playground. The house has been extensively redecorated and the paintings hugs in their original places in th…

10 Interesting Facts About Princess Margaret of United Kingdom, Countess of Snowdon

Princess Margaret Rose was one of the most popular, albeit controversial, royals during her lifetime. She was a rather sad figure, a victim of love at an early age and a person who constantly sought affection and attention as she went on to looked for the real meaning of her life. Might as well want to learn about the colorful life of Queen Elizabeth II's younger sister? Here are 10 interesting facts about her.

1. Born on August 30, 1930, in Glamis, the family seat of her mother's family, Princess Margaret was the first member of the British Royal Family to be born in Scotland for over 300 years.

2. Her parents, the then Duke and Duchess of York (later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) wanted to call her Anne, but her grandfather, King George V, vetoed, so they named her Margaret Rose, instead.

3. In 1936, the princess' relatively peaceful life was altered considerably when his uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated to marry the woman he loved, the two-time American divorce…
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