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Queen Victoria and the first Diamond Jubilee

While all of Britain are getting ready for the great festivities that will highlight Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, let us take a look back at Queen Victoria’s own Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 1897.

Diamond Jubilee guide: Exciting events during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Queen Elizabeth II marks her 60th year on the throne this year, but the height of celebrations won’t kick until June 2, with highlights during the grandest of all the flotilla parades the Thames will ever witness on June 3. June 4 and 5 are bank holidays, so it is expected that public celebrations will continue until these days. For your complete guide during the Jubilee festivities, check out the schedule below so you don’t miss the fun and excitement and the whole nation—and maybe even the world—celebrates the spectacular reign of the Queen whom everybody loves.

How Queen Elizabeth II steered monarchy from ‘annus horibilis’

1992, which marked the Queen’s 40th year on the throne, was dubbed “annus horibilis,” a year of tragedy that the Queen will always look back “with undiluted pleasure.”

Queen Elizabeth II enjoys record breaking popularity

Amidst the rising tide of public esteem and support, Queen Elizabeth II enjoys high approval ratings and record-breaking popularity better than any political leaders today.

Queen Victoria’s journals now available online

Queen Victoria, Britain’s longest reigning monarch and the first to celebrate a diamond jubilee, ruled and steered the country at the heights of its power. Her life and reign was Britain’s history itself, recorded on her 43,000 page journals that have been officially launched online by her great-great-granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II.

Princess Mabel resumes public appearance

With her sister-in-law Princess Maxima’s support, Princess Mabel made her first public appearance since her husband’s accident.

Zara Phillips joins Olympic torch relay

All eyes were on Zara Phillips as she joins Day 5 of the Olympic torch relay at Cheltenham.

The Queen meets Katie Couric

This year’s first summer garden party in Buckingham Palace marked the meeting of two of the world’s most popular queens.

10,000 street parties for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

All is set for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, starting June 2. More than 6,500 roads will close, twice the figure during the Royal Wedding last year. Although the more parties will mark the festivities on June 3, the country will have two more days June 4 and 5 to mark Queen Elizabeth II 60th year on the throne.

Sweden's Princess Estelle is christened

Princess Estelle, Sweden’s second in line to the throne was officially christened at the royal chapel in Stockholm. The two-month old princess is the first child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Her full name is Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary.

Prince Charles, Catalyst towards Republicanism?

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, despite all the glitter and festivities, have cast this ghoulish question to the minds of some. When will the Queen die? And this leads to a second question: Will the government allow Prince Charles, an ill-informed and unrestrained mind, to succeed as King? And if ever they allow the prince to succeed, until how long will they let him rule?

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee a Much Bigger Celebration than London Olympics

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebration and the London Olympics are two heavyweight events that no one should miss this summer. But between the two, the Diamond Jubilee is foreseen to be the much grander event.

Queen Sofia: Europe's Lonely Queen

In the May 20 article of The Daily Guardian, Queen Sofia of Spain has been labeled as Europe’s loneliest “Europe’s lonely queen consort.”

Armed Forces Pay Tribute to The Queen: The Jubilee Muster and Parade

Huge Armed Forces Diamond Jubilee Parade and Muster highlighted the festivities in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, held to mark the unique relationship between the Armed Forces and the Queen. 

Princess Athena of Denmark is christened: Welcome to the Christian World!

Princess Athena of Denmark, the newly-born daughter of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark was christened at the churchyard of Mogeltonder Church, in Tonder, May 20. The entire Danish Royal Family was present.

The Story of Princess Helena Victoria and Princess Marie Louise—Part 5: Marie Louise

For Princess Marie Louise, what seemed to be a seemingly fairy tale wedding ending in a nightmare. Indeed, hers was no better luck than her sister’s. 

Queen Elizabeth II hosts Diamond Jubilee Dinner

Dubbed as the largest gathering of crowned heads of states since the 1953 Coronation, the Diamond Jubilee Dinner at Windsor Castle was attended by some of the most popular—and most notorious—sovereigns in the world.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee Lunch overshadowed by protests for Bahrain king

What was supposed to be a celebration of the Queen’s 60 years on the throne was overshadowed by protests over the presence of the king of Bahrain.

Spain's Queen Sofia cancels trip to Diamond Jubilee lunch

Amidst the rising cheer and excitement with the upcoming diamond jubilee celebrations, Spain’s Queen Sofia snubbed the invitation to join the queen and other heads of state for lunch at Windsor Castle.

The Queen of Diamonds: The royal Gems Cut From the World’s Largest Diamond

For the first time, all the stunning jewels created from the world’s largest diamond will be collected in public in a unique exhibition at Buckingham Palace as part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II.

Denmark commemorates 100th anniversary of King Frederick VIII’s death and King Christian X’s succession

May 14—Exactly 100 years ago, King Frederick VIII died and was succeeded by his son, who assumed the name Christian IX.  The king, stricken by acute cardiac arrest, unexpectedly fell on the ground and died in Hamburg.

Marie de Medici’s diamond that made royals cry

The 35-carat 'Beau Sancy' diamond - passed down through the centuries on to the crowns of monarchs in France, England, the Netherlands and Prussia - forms part of a magnificent gems collection owned by queens, film stars and billionaires alike that is being sold off in Geneva.

Royal River Pageant: Six Hundred Years of Royal Ceremony… And a Hijack?

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee river pageant in 2012 was steep in pomp, splendor and tradition. This tradition started in the 15th century, but Englishmen had wait for two centuries more to see the most glorious of its kind.

Prince William to inherit £10 million when he turns 30

Prince William is set to inherit his 10-million share in his mother’s fortunes when he turns 30 next month.

Prince Michael in hot water after receiving money from Russian oligarch

Prince Michael of Kent, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, is in hot waters once again after it became known that he received £320,000 from Russia billionaire Boris Berezovsky.

The Story of Princess Helena Victoria and Princess Marie Louise—Part 4: Helena Victoria’s Single Blessedness

Helena Victoria accepted her fate of single blessedness. She devoted her time looking after her brothers, her parents, her grandmother and in supporting her mother’s charitable causes.

Queen Elizabeth II Looks Back on her Fathers Coronation 75 Years Ago

May 12, 1937, exactly 75 years ago, Albert, Duke of York, was officially crowned George VI, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Emperor of India.

Diamond Jubilee Pageant at Windsor Castle

Celebration, color, and excitement filled the Private Grounds of Windsor Castle, May 10 during the Diamond Jubilee Pageant. The spectacular event showcased the best that the international culture has to offer.

Queen Elizabeth Jones lives like The Queen for a day

Catherine, duchess of Cambridge wowed everyone once again with her elegant chignon, curled brunette locks, and Jimmy Choo vamp hills during the Our Greatest Team Rises black-tie gala, a final countdown for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics.

Duchess of Cambridge sizzles at London Olympic Gala

Catherine, duchess of Cambridge wowed everyone once again with her elegant chignon, curled brunette locks, and Jimmy Choo vamp hills during the Our Greatest Team Rises black-tie gala, a final countdown for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. 

No golden jubilee for Spain’s king and queen

Spain protests Prince Edward’s Gibraltar visit

The Spanish Government through its Foreigh Office has issued a formal protest over the upcoming visit of the Earl and Countess of Wessex to Gibraltar, a British territory that sits on Spain’s southwestern corner.

The Gilt Writing Set that the Queen Mother Hated

This gilt writing set, once under the possession of King George VI endured the enmity of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Queen Elizabeth II opens Parliament

May 5, Queen Elizabeth II formally opens Parliament, unveiling the legislative priority of the government for next year.

Queen Catherine Parr and Her Love Letters

Catherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry VIII, outlived his king and went on to marry Sir Thomas Seymour, Lord Sudeley. She held the distinction as the first English queen to publish two materials under her name, promoting Protestant views.

The first of the two books, Prayers or Meditations, was published in 1545, and became a best-seller of its day, having been reprinted 19 times until 1595.
Recently, original manuscripts of Prayers or Meditations, and another book, went out for public display at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire.
The exhibit also highlights Catherine’s love letter with Lord Sudeley.
In one of the letters, Seymour begged for Lord Sudeley to see her: "When it shall be your pleasure to repair hither you should take some pain to come early in the morning, that you may be gone again by seven o'clock.” Sadly, she died a year after marrying Lord Sudeley, while giving birth. She is the only queen to be buried in private residence.
Historian Dr. David Starkey considered C…

Princess Charlene of Monaco reportedly depressed for failing to conceive an heir

Reports have surfaced that Princess Charlene of Monaco has fallen under depression after failing to conceive an heir a year after she married Prince Albert, the principality’s ruling prince.

“She might have a smile on her face at official functions, but inside she is stressed and frustrated. This subject is weighing more and more heavily on her shoulders,” reports Voici magazine over the mounting pressure of mothering an heir to the throne.
Although Prince Albert has three children already, they cannot inherit the throne because they were born out of wedlock.
It was reported that two days before their wedding, the princess tried to run away after learning that Prince Albert had fathered a third love child.
The princess has eventually aired her loneliness, saying “I only have two people I consider friends here.”

John Major: William and Kate reinvigorated monarchy

Former Prime Minister John Major admitted in an interview with CNN that the duke and duchess of Cambridge have done much to modernize the monarchy and reinvigorate its popularity.
Major was once Prince William’s guardian after the late Princess of Wales’ death. He maintains close personal ties with the monarchy and was made a Knight of the Garter in 2005, the highest honor that the queen can bestow.
In an interview with CNN, Major notes: "People see that iconic figures -- whom they see only at a distance and they perhaps never meet -- have the same emotions, same feelings, the same cares, the same loves that they have in their own lives. I think the Royal Family has communicated that better in the last couple of decades than perhaps at any earlier time in our history and it has had an impact."
Speaking of the role of the duke Cambridge in modernizing the royal family, he said: "People are very happy with the way he has risen to the challenges he faced and I think even mor…

Rediscovering Prince Henry, England’s Lost Prince

The National Portrait Gallery will stage an exhibition highlighting the life of Henry Frederick, prince of Wales, the forgotten but handsome, sporty, and highly Protestant son of King James I. He died of typhoid in 1612 at 18. Had he lived to inherit the throne, he would have been Henry IX.

The National Portrait Gallery will attempt to collect paintings, miniature pieces, manuscripts and even the remains of the lost prince’s funeral effigy which has been kept from public eyes for the past two centuries.
Historians describe Henry as highly cultured, brave, and everything that the future of England was thought of during his time. His funeral was told to have attracted more crowds than Queen Elizabeth’s nine years earlier.

The Archbishop who betrayed Edward VIII

In newly discovered Lambeth Palace archives, it was revealed that England’s first celebrity archbishop, Cosmo Gordon Lang, betrayed King Edward VIII – the Monarch he was supposed to serve – and orchestrated the Abdication crisis, reports Daily Mail.
Among the things he did, the Mail reports, was colluding with the editor  of The Times to threaten Edward over his affair with divorcee  Wallis Simpson. He also stooped to blackmail and rumour-mongering, falsely alleging that the King was mentally ill and an alcoholic. This was uncovered by Rev. Dr. Robert Beaken, while researching for a book.
Learn more about this at Daily Mail.

Edward VIII Exposed

Brisbane writer Susanna De Vries says the "myth" hides a bizarre and often pathetic reality of a puppy dog prince - an immature and needy individual who liked to baby-talk to his partners, was haunted by sexual inadequacy and enjoyed being humiliated. He hated his father and despised the burdens of royal life. Desperate to escape, he begged a previous lover to run away with him - years before he met Mrs Simpson and handed the throne to his younger brother, George VI, whose battle to overcome a debilitating stammer was the subject of the Oscar-winning film The King's Speech.
The book traces many of the prince's problems back to his childhood and the influence of Nanny Green, a "deeply disturbed" woman who was eventually committed to a mental institution. It was her treatment of him as a child that would influence his later treatment of the women in his life and drive his sexual peccadilloes.
Read more about story at Courier Mail.

How Much is The Queen's worth?

Queen Elizabeth II has a personal fortune, estimated around £300 million to £400 million, reveals Philip Beresford, compiler of the Sunday Times Rich List.Nevertheless, this is just a tentative estimate and although The Queen owns a sizable track of land, her financial affairs remain clouded with secrecy.“Among the queen's possessions are the imperial state crown, which contains 2,868 diamonds, race horses worth approximately £3.6 million and a collection of cars thought to be valued at £7.1 million” reports sTV.

Count Carl Johan Bernadotte, Sweden’s lost prince, dies at 95.

Count Carl Johan Bernadotte, last surviving great-grandchild of Queen Victoria, died Saturday May 5, at a hospital in Angelholm, in southern Sweden. The cause of his death is unknown. Count Bernadotte was the youngest son of King Gustaf VI Adolf and Princess Margaret of Connaught, granddaughter of Queen Victoria of United Kingdom.  His mother died when he was three.  He was the uncle of Sweden’s current king, Carl XVI\.

HRH Prince Carl Johan Arthur, Duke of Dalecarlia, was born in Stockholm on Oct. 31, 1916. Together with his siblings, they spent part of their holidays with their grandfather, the Duke of Connaught, who noted that all children had “ugly noses, like their father.”
On Feb. 25, 1946, he was forced to renounce his title as Prince of Sweden, his style Royal Highness, and his rights to inherit the throne three days after marrying a commoner, Swedish journalist Kerstin Wijkmark, in New York. Only his uncle, Prince Vilhelm of Sweden, was the only member of the royal family to co…

The Netherlands celebrates The Queen's Day

Despite the tragedy that shrouds the Netherlands’ House of Orange, the royals still masked a smile on their faces as the orange fever takes over the Queen’s Day in celebration of Queen Beatrix’s birthday. Members of the Dutch Royal Family joined the crowd in the games and festivities. Missing are the Queen’s son, Prince Friso, who still remains in coma after a skiing accident in February, and his wife, Princess Mabel. In her speech, the Queen mentioned:

“It is a pity and sad that our family isn’t complete today.But I’m very grateful for all the warmth and well wishes we have seen and heard here today and I will pass them on.”
All over town, vendors lined the street selling all kinds of items, while the toilet throwing contest, a tradition began in 2000, saw Prince Willem Alexander beat his younger brother Prince Constantijn. Meanwhile, Crown Princess Maxima joined the crowd in the tug-of-war competition.
Queen Beatrix was born January 31, although her official birthday is celebrated ev…

The Queen's Jewels

In Hugh Roberts’ The Queen’s Diamonds, we are given a perspective on the Queen’s diamond collections. Here is an excerpt of the text of his new book, courtesy of The Telegraph.
The Queen's collection contains a number of diamonds with 'histories' – usually a mixture of fact and legend – that have added to their desirability and fame. The pre-eminent example of such a stone is the Koh-i-nûr, or Mountain of Light, now part of the Crown Jewels and set in the crown of Queen Elizabeth, consort of George VI and last Empress of India. This stone (which has a complicated and certainly part-legendary provenance encompassing Mughal emperors, Persian conquerors and the rulers of the Punjab), also encapsulates changing attitudes to the cutting of  diamonds….
The majority of the personal jewellery in the Queen's collection dates from the 19th or early 20th centuries. Most of the jewels are set with old brilliants and rose cuts; modern brilliants are found only on pieces made or remod…

Government Urged to Take Speedy Actions on Imperial Issues

Japan’s government is urged to hasten efforts to revise the Imperial House Law to focus on other issues that need more attention. In a news in Daily Yomiuri, government hearings have been divided over two issues: one was the support for the ideal that current Emperor Akihito has pursued--the Emperor as a symbol of the nation. The other was a sense of urgency that the number of Imperial family members will plummet in the near future if the current situation remains unchanged, possibly making it difficult to maintain the Imperial House.

The Story of Princess Helena Victoria and Princess Marie Louise—Part 3: The Snipe

Helena Victoria was known in the family as Thora. However, the princess of Wales referred to her as the "Snipe" because of her long face and nose and severe features. When she was young, she had high prospects of getting married. In fact, her mother tried to attract her cousin, Prince George (the future George V), towards her but she did not only failed to get the support of the Royal Family, she also incurred Princess  Alexandra’s ridicule.

The princess of Wales, still unforgiving of the Schelwig-Holstein affair, wrote about this to his son Prince George: "So the Christians have been following you about with their lovely Snipe! Well, it would be a pleasure to welcome that "beauty" as your bride. You see she is quite prepared to take you by storm by already offering you her contrafeit in a frame!" Despite the sarcasm of the princess of Wales, Helena Victoria could have become a good wife for George V and great queen because of her kind hearted nature and in…
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