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33 Inspiring Quotes from Prince Harry

Prince Harry isn’t just your ordinary Prince Charming. A look in his life will reveal what an inspiring figure he is for serving his country, for performing his royal duties, and for supporting the cause he thinks will make the world a better place. Here are some inspiring words of wisdom from no other than Prince Harry.

The Life of Queen Eleonore of Bulgaria

Queen Eleonore was born a princess of Reuss on August 22, 1860 in the Prussian Province of Brandenburg (present-day Poland). Her father was Prince Heinrich IV Reuss of Köstritz and her mother was Princess Luise Caroline Reuss of Greiz.

35 Inspiring Quotes from Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales, has been an inspiring figure for her philanthropic activities and humanitarian causes. She may have had a troubled personal life, but that did not deter her from pursuing her passion of helping the poorest of the poor. Let us draw some inspiration from our Queen of Hearts with her 35 immortal quotes.

These Cute Photos of a Young Queen Elizabeth II Will Make You Realize What a Happy Childhood She's Had!

Nobody expected that the cute and adorable Princess Elizabeth would one day reign as Queen when she was born in 1926. She was the apple of the eye of her family and of the Britons. In fact, their adoration was such that the people of Wales gave her a small cottage for a playhouse. Her grandparents dotted on her as well. Check out these cute photos of Queen Elizabeth II when she was  a young child.

The Life of Prince Arthur of Connaught

Prince Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert was born on January 13, 1883, the second child and only son of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, third son and seventh child of Queen Victoria, and of Princess Louise Marguerite of Prussia, youngest daughter of Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia.

Death of a Princess: Remembering Princess Grace of Monaco

The death of Princess Grace of Monaco on September 14, 1982 not only shocked her family, but also stunned the world over. Hers is a story of a fairy tale princess, who transitioned from being an acclaimed Hollywood goddess to that of a world-famous royalty. The former Grace Kelly died at a hospital in Monaco at the age of 52 due to cerebral hemorrhage some 36 hours after her vehicle tumbled 120 feet down a mountainside with the princess trapped inside, Associated Press revealed.

Sisi: The Colorful Life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Empress Elizabeth of Austria was a woman ahead of her time. She had the guts to shun the strict protocol of the Habsburg court and Sisi lived a life on her own rules. She served as Austria-Hungary’s longest-reigning consort, a position she held for 44 years. At a time when individualism was out of question, Sisi, a free-spirit, was its epitome, breaking away from the constriction of court life and favoring the independence that traveling the world had to offer. But she was not strange to tragedy. In fact, she had to endure it more often than not and even her death was a tragic one.

Bellissima Paola! The Story of Queen Paola of Belgium

In the 1960s, aside from Princess Grace of Monaco, one royal beauty enamored the press and the public alike earning her raves as one of the most beautiful royals of the 20th century. She is Paola, the Princess of Liege, who would reign as Queen of Belgium for 20 years. So charming was she that her face graced the front cover of many magazines while her fashion taste set trends around the world.

Watch: The Christening of Prince Alexander of Sweden

On September 9, 2016, Prince Alexander of Sweden, was christened. Prince Alexander is the son of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. Watch the details of the ceremony below or read the full story here.

In Pictures: Prince Alexander of Sweden’s Christening

The entire country celebrated as Prince Alexander of Sweden was christened on September 9 at Drottnigholm Palace Church. Among those in attendance were King Carl XVI, Queen Silvia and other members of the Royal Family, politicians and guests who witnessed the ceremony steep in tradition.

A Rose Named Alexandra: The Story of Europe's Most Beautiful Queen

Queen Alexandra’s singular beauty and charm endeared her to the British people the moment she stepped foot on the English soil in 1863. In fact, the arrival of the Sea King’s daughter was anticipated as it was celebrated that Tennyson penned a poem for her, “A Welcome to Alexandra.”

The Life and Times of Queen Mary

Queen Mary is considered by many as one of the most popular members of the British Royal Family. Her image in the memory of the Britons across generations has never been tarnished by time. Never a stranger to the dictum of the people of her kind, she endeared herself to Queen Victoria for her grace, quiet dignity and dedication to duty. Through the years, she had remained a steadfast figure despite many upheavals and challenges faced by her husband’s reign, warfare, or even personal tragedies (she survived the death three of her children). Her penchant for jewelry and her interest in collecting and in recovering items that once belonged to the Royal Family enabled her to bequeath a sizable collection that are now considered priceless treasures.

What is Trooping the Colour?

Trooping the Colour remains one of the most popular and most anticipated events in Great Britain. The ceremony is not only a showcase of the regiments of the British and Commonwealth armies, which dates back to the time when the British Armed Forces are the mightiest in the world, it also marks the of the British Sovereign’s official birthday. Since the reign of King George II, the official birthday of the Sovereign has been marked  by Trooping the Color. It is held in London in June every year during the Horse Guards Parade by St. James's Park. It also coincides with the publication of the Birthday Honours List. Members of the British Royal Family never fail to witness the events, who are joined by guests, ticketholders and the general public.  
The ceremony begins with the royal procession, where the monarch travels down from Buckingham Palace to The Mall escorted by Household Cavalry. The Queen is given a royal salute after which she begins to inspect her troops of the Househo…
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