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Queen Margherita and the Pizza Named in her Honor

Queen Margherita of Italy is legendary for her impressive jewelry collection. She particularly amassed a sizable collection of pearls, which she donned lavishly, as many of the photos and paintings you would see today feature her in all her pearly glory.

Ever the popular consort, Queen Margherita was praised for being a great asset of the House of Savoy, effectively awakening public enthusiasm wherever she went. She extensively toured Italy, wearing local folk costumes and demonstrating appreciation for local customs, traditions and culture. All these made her so popular that she she eclipsed her husband’s own.

In one of her trips to Naples with King Umberto I, she was served Italian gourmet cuisine, but tired of the usual fares commonly fed to royals across Europe, she called upon the best pizza maker in the whole of Naples, Rafaelle Esposito, and asked him to create three different kinds of pizzas. Though the queen did not like the first two varieties—pizza Napoli (anchovy) and piz…

8 Facts About Margherita of Savoy, Italy's Queen of Pearls

Margherita Maria Teresa Giovanna of Savoy was born on November 20, 1851 at the Palazzo Chiablese in Turin. She was the only daughter of Prince Ferdinando of Savoy, 1st Duke of Genoa, and his wife, Princess Elisabeth of Saxony. Her father died when she was just four years old. Less than a year after Prince Ferdinand’s passing, Princess Elisabeth secretly married her chamberlain, Major Nicholas Rapallo, causing a great scandal that caused her and her new husband to be sent into exile by the infuriated King Vittorio Emanuele II. Elisabeth was separated from her children for a time, but she was allowed to return to the court not long after. Later, as Princess of Piedmont and Queen of Italy, Margherita proved to be a beloved consort to the point that she eclipsed her husband's popularity. Her fondness for jewelry, especially pearls, which she donned when posing for portraits, earned her the moniker "Queen of Pearls."

Here are facts about Queen Margherita of Italy:

1. She almo…

The Wandering Princess: 11 Facts About Princess Hélène of Orléans, Duchess of Aosta

1. Princesse Hélène Louise Henriette d'Orléans was born on June 13, 1871 at the York House in Twickenham, England. She was the eighth child of Prince Philippe of Orléans and his wife Infanta Maria Isabel of Spain.
2. Hélène, just like her two elder siblings, was born in exile as her family was deposed in 1848.
3. After the law of banishment was repealed, her family repatriated to France in June of 1871, taking up residence at the Hotel Fould on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. They served as guests of Hélène’s uncle, Henri, Duke of Aumale, whose fortune was not confiscated in 1852. A close friend of her parents, Maria Brignole-Sale dei marchesi di Groppoli, Duchess di Galliera, also offered the family the ground floor and gardens of the Hôtel Matignon on the Rue de Varenne. Before her father was yet again exiled in 1876, the princess and her siblings, together with their tutors and governesses, stayed at a two-story town house on the nearby Rue de Babylone, which was bu…

13 Facts About Caroline of Ansbach, Britain’s Original Iron Lady

1. Wilhelmina Charlotte Caroline was born on March 1, 1683 in Residenz Ansbach, daughter and eldest child of Johann Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, with his second wife, Princess Eleonore Erdmuthe of Saxe-Eisenach.

2. After Caroline’s father died of chicken pox at the age of 32, she and her brother, Margrave William Friedrich, moved to Dresden following the marriage of their mother with Johann Georg IV, Elector of Saxony. They remained in Schloss Pretzsch in Saxony until Princess Eleonore’s death in 1696. Thereafter, the orphaned children fell under the care of their elder half-brother, Margrave George Frederick II, who was not too keen on parenting a girl. The princess eventually moved in the home of Eleonore’s friend, Sophia Charlotte Hanover, and his husband, Friedrich, Elector of Brandenburg, in Lützenburg (now Charlottenburg).

3. Caroline’s new guardians eventually became the King and Queen of Prussia in 1701. The princess was exposed to a highly intellectual environ…

17 Facts About Queen Marie of Romania, Romania's Mamma Regina

1. Her Royal Highness Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria of Edinburgh was born on October 29, 1875 at her parents’ home in Eastwell Manor, Kent. She was the eldest daughter and second child of Prince Alfred, the future Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, son of Queen Victoria; and, Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, daughter of Tsar Alexander II.

2. She was fondly called “Missy” within the family circle.

3. Princess Marie did not see much of his father growing up because of Prince Alfred’s position in the British Royal Navy. She would eventually confess that she did not even know the color of his father’s hair until seeing later portraits of him. Much of her and her sibling’s lives were governed by their mother.

4. The grand duchess overlooked her daughters’ education as she believed they were neither gifted nor smart. Though they were permitted to read aloud, they were only given “pedestrian instruction” in drawing and painting, fields in which the young ladies’ showed massive po…

17 Facts about Princess Marie Bonaparte: The Unconventional Royal and her Lifelong Search for Orgasm

"If ever anyone writes the story of my life, it should be called The Last Bonaparte, for I am the last.  My cousins of the Imperial line are only Napoleons,” wrote Princess Marie Bonaparte. Indeed, she made a legacy not as a scion of Napoleon’s clan (she, in fact, called her great-grand uncle the “ultimate mass murderer”) but as a woman well ahead of her time who used her enormous fortune to advance Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis.  More interestingly, the unconventional princess embarked on a lifelong search for orgasm , which eluded her for so long. Here are 21 facts about Princess Marie Bonaparte.
1. She was an only child and heir to an enormous fortune.
Princess Marie Bonaparte was born on July 2, 1882 at Saint-Cloud, Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France. She was the only child of Prince Roland Napoléon Bonaparte and his wife Marie-Félix Blanc. Her family affectionately called her “Mimi”. While from her father’s side, she claimed her royal title, the family barely had a fortune. Her…

14 Facts about Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, Russia's Martyred Royal-Saint

It is said that in the 19th century, there were two Elizabeths who were considered as Europe’s fairest princesses: Empress Elizabeth of Austria and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia. Both also endured a tragic death. Elisabeth became famous in Russian society for her beauty and charitable works among the poor. She was also praised for her kind heartedness, forgiving Ivan Kalyayev, her husband’s murderer. She abandoned the gaiety of the Imperial Court to become a nun, founding the Marfo-Mariinsky Convent, which was dedicated to helping the poor and miserable of Moscow. Despite this, she was not spared from execution by the Bolsheviks at the height of Russian Revolution. Get to know more about Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia with these 15 facts.
1. Before becoming a Russian grand duchess, she was born a German princess She was born Elisabeth Alexandra Luise Alix on November 1, 1864, the second amongst six children of Ludwig IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine, and his wif…

15 Highlights that Made the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Royal Wedding Truly Unforgettable

1. The bride, now the Duchess of Sussex, wore an unexpectedly minimalist gown designed by Clare Waight Keller, a British designer who was appointed as Givenchy’s artistic director just last year, the first female to do so! The all-white, boat-neck dress has been lauded for its bold simplicity.

2. The Queen reportedly made Meghan choose the tiara she will be wearing for her special day. Her final pick was a diamond bandeau previously owned by Queen Mary.
3. Meghan’s veil, more than anything else, was a tribute to all 53 countries of the Commonwealth, each represented by its own unique flora.
4. Meghan walked down aisle all by herself, the first time a royal bride sashayed all the way to the altar alone. She, however, was joined halfway by Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles.
5. The Royal Wedding was star-studded to say the least. Some of the celebrities present during the event were: Oprah Winfrey;Elton John; George Clooney and her humanitarian lawyer wife Amal (who wore a jaw-dropping …

9 Facts About Catherine Palace

1. In 1717, Peter the Great commissioned German architect Johann-Friedrich Braunstein to build a summer residence for her wife, Catherine I. The resulting structure was a modest-looking, two-storey palace.

2. In 1733, Empress Elizabeth had the palace expanded with the help of two notable baroque architects of that time, Andrey Vasilievich Kvasov and Mikhail Grigorievich Zemtsov.

3. The unsatisfied empress thought the palace looked cramped and outdated despite the initial expansion, so she commissioned Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, her court architect, in May 1752 to demolish the edifice and replace it with a much opulent structure in an elaborate Rococo style. The construction was completed four years later (July 30, 1756).

4. The palace’s stucco façade and the statues erected on its roof were finely covered in a staggering 100 kilograms of gold.

5. Catherine Palace measures 325 meters long, and almost a kilometer in circumference.

6. Catherine denounced the lavish spending of priv…

15 Facts About Princess Eugenie of York

Princess Eugenie of York is one of the members of the British Royal Family, the younger daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York. Born Eugenie Victoria Helena on March 23, 1990 at London’s The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, her father, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is the third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Her mother is Sarah Ferguson.

Despite enjoying the dignity and style afforded to the male-line grandchild of a sovereign, Eugenie and her older sister, Eugenie, only carry limited public engagements and receive no allowance from the Privy Purse. Here are 15 facts about Princess Eugenie of York.

1. She was named after Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, later Queen of Spain, and Princess Helena, the fifth child of Queen Victoria.

2. At the time of her birth, Eugenie was sixth in line to the throne, a position she lost after the birth of Prince George of Cambridge. Beatrice and Eugenie continues to go down the line of succes…

The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara

When Princess Eugenie of York married Mr. Jack Brooksbank, it was not only the first time that she wore a tiara in public, it was also the first instance when one of the British Royal Family’s most precious tiaras surfaced after being locked up in the royal vault for over seven decades. Contrary to popular speculation that Princess Eugenie would wear her mother’s York Diamond Tiara, the bride, instead, borrowed The Queen’s Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara.
The tiara was originally created by Boucheron for to society hostess The Hon. Mrs. Herman Greville in 1919. According to the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor, Mrs. Greville “was a social climber,” “a snob” and gossipy lady. Cecil Beaton also describes her as a “galumphing, greedy, snobbish old toad who watered her chops at the sight of royalty and the Prince of Wales’s set, and did nothing for anybody except the rich."  
The tiara was designed in the kokoshnik style, which was popularized by the members of the Russian Imperi…

Princess Eugenie Marries Jack Brooksbank: Highlights from One of 2018's Biggest Weddings

Princess Eugenie of York married Jack Brooksbank in a lavish wedding ceremony in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, on October 12, 2018. This is the second big wedding—albeit less celebrated—for the British Royal Family, after the wildly popular April wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The bride, Princess Eugenie is the second daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York (the Queen’s second son and third child) and Sarah Fergusson, Duchess of York. The groom, meanwhile, is an accountant-cum-company-director’s son. According to People,the couple met in the Swiss ski resort of Verbier, where Eugenie was introduced by friends to Jack. They had dated since then and the couple kept their relationship in private. They sustained their relationship despite the fact that Eugenie transferred to New York in 2013 where she spent some time working in the online auction house Paddle8.

The princess is currently an associate director of the Hauser and Wirth art galleries in London, while Mr. Brooksba…
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