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Prince Arthur of Connaught to succeed in German duchy

London, March 18, 1899 - A dispatch from Nice can reveal that Prince Arthur of Connaught, only son of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, third son of Queen Victoria, is expected to succeed to the German duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The succession question has arisen after the untimely demise of Prince Alfred, who committed suicide. Prince Arthur was born on Jan. 13, 1883. The Duke is expected to renounce his rights in favor of his son.

Duke of Cambridge dead at 84

March 17, 1904- The last surviving grandson of King George III, Prince George, Duke of Cambridge passed away this morning in his residence, Gloucester House, London.
The New York Times reports that the Duke, a few days shy of his 85th birthday, had been "confined to his house for weeks."
King Edward and Queen Alexandra had paid him regular visits, while his sons Admiral and Col. FitzGeorge were always at his bedside. Hearing the news of his death, the King and Queen went to Gloucester House to "offer their condolences" to the grieving family.
In the House of Commons, Prime Minister Balfour and Liberal Leader Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman delivered a eulogy, thanking the Duke for "his devotion to the service of his country," expressing the House's sympathy to the Royal Family.

Duchess of Kent Dies

March 16, 1861 - Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent passed away shortly before 10 o'clock this morning. She was 75.
The Duchess was reported to have been suffering from cancer and during the week, her health had been steadily declining.
On Tuesday the Queen and the Prince Consort hastened to Frogmore to frail mother. Princess Alice followed on Thursday. Yesterday, 6 o'clock, a telegram has been sent to Buckingham Palace informing the Queen that her mother’s condition had worsened. The Queen, Prince Consort and Princess Alice immediately hurried to her mother’s side riding a special train to Windsor. The Duchess “passed an unfavorable night” until her death came earlier today.
The Queen and the Prince Consort were beside her. News of Her Royal Highness’ death reached Buckingham Palace past 10, after which Princess Helena and other members of the royal family left for Windsor. The Prince of Wales, who was at Cambridge, was immediately telegraphed. The Duchess’ brothe…

Princess Lilian of Sweden and the Royal Love Story that Stood against all Odds

Hers was the classic love story of a fairy tale prince who wedded a commoner lady. But despite the earlier restrictions that hindered the then-Lilian Davies from marrying Prince Bertil, the Welsh-born model and socialite was eventually welcomed into the royal family with open arms. She has endeared herself with the Swedish people, so much that her passing shocked the kingdom that she so selflessly served for nearly 40 years. Frail in her 96th year, it seems that her people did not want her to go, for her passing also meant the passing of the remnant of a more genteel era, where life was simpler yet happier.
Princess Lilian was born Lillian May Davies on August 30, 1915 in Swansea, South Wales. She dropped one “l” from her first name after she started modeling . In 1940, she married Scottish actor Ivan Craig. During World War II she worked at a factory that manufactured radio. Later on, she served at a hospital for wounded soldiers.
In 1943, she met Prince Bertil of Sweden, Duke of …

Saudi’s Prince Faisal commends Filipino work ethic

I am a Filipino and I am proud of it, so much that in a country where republican sentiments reign supreme and the virtues of democracy are lectured from inside the classroom out to the streets, I keep on preaching my devoutness to royalty and the virtues in stands for. Lol.
Enough with the sentiments. I am just happy that another royal hailed my fellowmen. After Prince Philip gave his “joke” of appreciation to Filipino nurses in London, now, it’s Prince Faisal’s turn to commend Filipinos for their “efficiency and hard work” that “has contributed to the national development of both Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.”
Prince Faisal bin Salman was the newly appointed governor of Madinah and son of the current Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.
The Ambassador of the Philippines to Saudi Ezzedin H. Tago congratulated to the Prince for his appointment to the position and thanked the Prince for the “excellent treatment accorded to OFWs in Madinah who are mostly nurses and other medical workers…

Queen Elizabeth admitted to the hospital after suffering from gastroentiritis

Queen Elizabeth II was rushed to the Edward VIII Hospital after her bout with gastroenteritis worsened. The Queen has "struck down with stomach bug" since Friday, reports Mail online. All the engagements of the 86-year-old monarch has been cancelled. This was the first time that the Queen has been hospitalized since 2003.

Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor are expecting a baby

Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor are very excited for the coming of their first child. Lord Frederick Windsor is the elder child and only son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. It was revealed that Lady Frederick, more popularly known as the actress Sophie Winkleman is four months pregnant and is due to deliver their first-born this August. The couple lives in Los Angeles, where Lord Frederick works as an investment banker while Sophie has a recurring role in the sitcom Two and a Half Man.
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