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A Year of Tiaras: 5 Tiaras that Made Surprise Appearances in 2018

The year 2018 gave us a sneak peek into some tiaras we haven’t seen before, others we have never heard of. Take for example the tiaras worn during the two royal weddings in Great Britain, when was the last time these tiaras were seen in public? Also, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and Queen Letizia of Spain, respectively wore two amazing sparklers! How splendid it is to be a royal! Here are the tiaras that made headlines this 2018.

Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara

Little was known of Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara until it made a grand appearance when the Duchess of Sussex wore this tiara on her wedding with Prince Harry.The tiara was commissioned by Queen Mary in 1932 to fit a detachable brooch that was given to her in 1893 as a gift by Lincoln County. It features a brilliant floral-shaped suspended brooch in the center made of a large round diamond surrounded by nine smaller circular diamonds.
Read: The Duchess of Sussex and Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara
Greville Emerald K…

A Year in The Queen’s Reign: The British Royal Family’s 2018 in Review

It’s been another busy year for the royals. With 2018 drawing to a close, Queen Elizabeth II has clocked in 120 days at work, so impressive already for a 92 year-old and still working fulltime! The Queen’s children, meanwhile, have worked for a combined 675 days. Princess Anne, The Queen’s only daughter worked for almost 200 days and carried out more than 455 appearances at home and 85 abroad, more than any member of the British Royal Family. No wonder this year in The Queen’s reign was full of memorable events and significant milestones. Let’s recap the highlights of the royal family’s shining moments for the year 2018.
Birth of Prince Louis of Cambridge
In April, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to Prince Louis of Cambridge. He is the third and youngest child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. On his birth, he follows his two older siblings, his father, and his grandfather, Prince Charles, in the line of succession to the throne.
Wedding of Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Prince H…

Featured Royal Jewel | The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

On November 20, 1947, Princess Elizabeth, heiress presumptive to the throne of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, married Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh (shortly before the wedding he renounced his Greek and Danish titles and was created Duke of Edinburgh). Over 2,500 wedding presents from around the world were given to the new couple. Queen Mary’s gifts to her grand-daughter were worth a fortune—the Dorset Bow brooch, the County of Cornwall Ruby Diamond Bracelet-Brooch, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, gold and diamond bangles, the Ladies of Devonshire earrings, and Queen Mary’s eight-inch stomacher.  Perhaps, the most stunning of these is the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara.
History of The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara is the first-ever tiara owned by the future Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Mary’s gift was itself a gift from the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland on her wedding …

10 Inspiring Christmas Quotes from Our Favorite Royals

What do royals have to say about Christmas? Very good—and very hilarious things—for sure! Here are some unforgettable Christmas quotes from our favorite royals.

"At Christmas, I am always struck by how the spirit of togetherness lies also at the heart of the Christmas story. A young mother and a dutiful father with their baby were joined by poor shepherds and visitors from afar. They came with their gifts to worship the Christ child." – Queen Elizabeth II
"For many, Christmas is also a time for coming together. But for others, service will come first." – Queen Elizabeth II
"One of the joys of living a long life is watching one's children, then grandchildren, then great-grandchildren, help decorate the Christmas tree." – Queen Elizabeth II, 2015
"There's an old saying that 'it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.' There are millions of people lighting candles of hope in our world today. Christmas is a good time to be t…

Read The Queen’s Christmas Message 2018: Respect Despite Differences, The Queen Reminds Everyone

The Royal Christmas Message has been a part of every Royal Christmas tradition since 1932, when King George V made his first Christmas radio broadcast for the Commonwealth Realms. His successor, King Edward VIII was not able to deliver his own King’s Christmas Message because he abdicated shortly before Christmas in 1936. Except in 1938, King George VI faithfully continued the tradition of delivering the annual Christmas Message until 1951. After succeeding to the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II has delivered a Christmas message every year and it has become a highly-anticipated program on television ever since.

The Queen called 2018 the "year of centenaries," with the 100th anniversary celebration of the Royal Air Force and also the 100th year since the end of First World War. She also recalled family affairs that called for national celebration, like the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in April and the wedding of Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank in…

What is the Queen’s Pre-Christmas Lunch at Buckingham Palace?

The British Royal Family’s observance of Christmas does not escape the eyes of the media and their royal followers from around the world. In fact, they have become the poster family on how Christmas should be celebrated. The Queen usually heads to the Sandringham estate in Norfolk a few days before Christmas, but before that, she hosts a pre-Christmas lunch where she gathers her immediate family and relatives for dinner. Queen Elizabeth II takes this as an opportunity to see members of the extended royal family who cannot join her on Christmas. 

Who are Invited to the Queen’s Pre-Christmas Lunch?
The members of The Queen’s immediate family who join her for the Pre-Christmas Lunch are Prince Philip, Prince Charles and his family (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three children and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex), Princess Anne and family (her husband, Timothy Laurence; her son, Peter Phillips, with his wife and kids; and her daughter, Zarah and her family), the Duke of York …

Princess Patricia of Connaught, a Modern Royal Princess

Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth was born on March 17, 1886 at the Buckingham Palace in London, the youngest child of Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, and his wife, Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia.  She had two older siblings, Prince Arthur of Connaught, and Princess Margaret of Connaught, who later married Crown Prince Gustav of Sweden.Here are some facts about the princess who was considered the first modern royal.

Patricia - Named After a Famous Saint 

Born on Saint Patrick’s Day, Princess Patricia was the first royal in many generations to be named after a saint.  The name Patricia, though, was uncommon in Great Britain, much more in the Royal Family.  The new princess really stood out among the throng of royal cousins who had received more traditional names from recent royal history. Nevertheless, Patricia emerged as one of the most popular members of the Royal Family and was called affectionately as “Patsy” by family and friends.

A Life Abroad


Princess Alice of Battenberg, the Royal Nun Who Secretly Rescued a Jewish Family

Princess Alice of Battenberg (later Princess Andrew of Greece) lived a very interesting life, enduring many battles of her own. Despite her unhappy marriage and schizophrenia, the princess redeemed herself by helping those in need, hiding a Jewish family in her own home at the height of the Nazi holocaust. Later, she founded her own sisterhood of nuns and was posthumously recognized as “Righteous Among The Nations,” the highest Israeli honor to non-Jews. Here are 14 facts about Princess Alice of Battenberg.
A Royal and Not-so-Royal Heritage

Princess Alice of Battenberg was the eldest child of Prince Louis of Battenberg and Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine. Prince Louis of Battenberg was the eldest son of Prince Alexander of Hesse and by Rhine by his morganatic marriage to Countess Julia von Hauke.Prince Alexander was the fourth child of Louis II, Grand Duke of Hesse and Princess Wilhelmina of Baden.Because of his parent’s morganatic marriage, Louis and his siblings were not al…

A Royal Christmas at the Palace of Holyroodhouse

Christmas transforms the Palace of Holyroodhouse into a festive destination, complete with shimmering decorations that boost the spirit of the season.
Holyroodhouse’s top attraction is the Great Stair that leads to the Palace's historic State Apartments. This Christmas, it is adorned with garlands and wreaths and lit-up with sparkling holiday lights. The Royal Dining Room is prepared for the merry season. The table is decorated with flowers, wreaths and spires of faux candied sugared fruits. The silver service, a gift to King George V and Queen Mary in 1935 on their Silver Jubilee on the throne, is displayed, too. At the Great Gallery, visitors will surely find themselves teary-eyed as they gazed at the 15-ft Christmas tree decorated with white and silver fruits and flowers. Aside from this giant tree, you will also find portraits of early Scottish kings painted by Dutch artist Jacob de Wet (he never saw any of these royals when he painted them, so you’ll notice they all have th…

An Unconventional Princess: 13 Facts About Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein

Franziska Josepha Louise Augusta Marie Christina Helena was born on August 12, 1872 at the Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, the second daughter and fourth child of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein and his wife, Princess Helena of the United Kingdom, daughter of Queen Victoria. Affectionately known as Louie within the family circle, Marie Louise grew up to become an attractive lady. She gained attention later in life with the dissolution of her marriage with Prince Aribert of Anhalt. She returned home to England and lived with her family where actively engaged in numerous charitable activities while performing her duties as one of the most active members of the British Royal Family. Her zest for excitement and unconventional lifestyle endeared her to the public, making her a popular royal figure both in the country and abroad. Here are some facts about Princess Marie Louise.

1. She was particularly close to her cousin, the future last Czarina of Russia.

Marie Louise and Alix…

Thora, "The Snipe": 9 Facts About Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein

The photo above shows five royal cousins, all Queen Victoria's granddaughters. Standing  are Alix and her older sister Irene of Hesse-Darmstadt, while seated (from left to right) are  Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein, Charlotte of Prussia, and Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein. Of these ladies, only Helena Victoria remained unmarried but her life was not to be uneventful. In fact, she spent it on selfless endeavors.

Victoria Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia Helena was born on May 3, 1870 at their family residence, Frogmore House, in Windsor, England. She was the eldest daughter and third child of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, son of Christian, Duke of Augustenburg and Countess Louise of Danneskjold-Samsøe, and his wife Princess Helena, daughter of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Queen Victoria. Living close to Queen Victoria's court, Helena Victoria never married but actively involved herself in charitable activities. Despite their junior ranks within t…

A Very Royal Christmas at Windsor Castle

Christmas season has come to Windsor Castle! Guests can now marvel at the glittering trees and decorations created by royal staff. The 23-foot Normandd fir tree decorated with tinsels and gold ornaments and wrapped around with 7,000 lights breathe in Christmas cheer at St. George's Hall. Castle staffers have also erected a smaller fir tree in the nearby crimson drawing room.

The Christmas Tree is believed to have been introduced to Britain by Queen Charlotte, the German-born wife of King George III. However, it was Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, who popularized it, giving away trees to schools and Army barracks.
Every Saturday in December, festive activities, such as arts-and-crafts workshop are organized for children. A six special Christmas performances of storytelling and pantomime will also be held in the State Apartments this December. It could be remembered that as teenagers, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret starred in the Christmas Pantomime of ‘Old Mothe…
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